Taking a business or personal loan simply means accessing money you are yet to earn, and spending tomorrow’s money today. What makes the difference is what you use the money for.

Spending more than you earn has put many families in financial difficulty. Among the poor and middle class, money is the biggest cause of marital discord and eventual break up. Since most couples hardly discuss money, most money battles are fought in other arenas – in-laws, marital bed, friends, child discipline etc. Financial frustrations are vented in the wrong places.

Many husbands have borrowed money to please their wives, buying gifts they cannot afford or going on holiday funded by credit card. Everything goes smoothly until the bills start to arrive. As the husband struggles to keep up with payments, resentment sets in, and this sets the stage for quarrels at the least provocation.

The love of money may be the root of all evil, but the lack of money is the root of bitterness. Money may not buy love but without money, love can suffocate. Like it or dislike it, you cannot ignore money. Financial independence is the springboard to other freedoms. If you do not handle your finances properly, your love nest can turn to a matrimonial shouting festival and in some instances, boxing ring and domestic violence.punch