Obesity is a very serious matter and it affects millions of people worldwide.

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Some foods are known to speed up the weight loss process by boosting your metabolism and turning your body into a machine that burns fat for energy. Often referred to as “superfoods” given their numerous health benefits, these delicious foods are your best allies in your fight against extra pounds.

Here you will find the top 9 foods that help you lose weight quickly, naturally and effortlessly:

1. Green Tea

Green tea has been used for centuries, not only for its natural slimming effect but for the high amounts of antioxidants known as “catechins”. As a matter of fact, the catechins are the active ingredients that stimulate fat burning and weight loss. One cup of green tea per day will help you lower your body mass index, but this is not all: if consumed regularly, green tea also lowers the levels of bad cholesterol, it balances the blood sugar levels (thus being ideal for diabetes sufferers) and it dramatically lowers the risk for heart disease and certain types of cancer.

2. Grapefruits

Grapefruits are delicious and they are certainly a great addition to every weight loss diet, given the fact that they contain nutrients which simply force your body to convert calories into energy, rather than to store them as fat. No matter if you eat the grapefruit raw or you squeeze it into a delicious and nutritious juice, half a grapefruit a day will keep the doctor away and the extra pounds as well!

3. Hot Red Pepper

The hot red pepper is certainly a spicy addition to many dishes, but few people know that spicy chili can have a significant impact on your weight. Consuming red pepper regularly will suppress your appetite and make you feel full for several hours, which means that you will reduce the number of calories you consume daily. The secret lies in the high content of capsaicin, a compound typical to red pepper that reduces hunger and prevents cravings. In addition to this, hot red pepper has several other health benefits that should not be ignored either: red pepper flakes act as natural anti-inflammatories and they are also known to reduce the risk for blood clots.
4. Beans

Beans may not the most delicious foods, but they surely come in handy if you plan to lose several weight, given the fact that beans stimulate the production of a natural digestive hormone that acts as a mild appetite suppressant, thus reducing food cravings throughout the day. At the same time, beans are also great for balancing the blood sugar: it is a known fact that spikes in blood sugar levels trigger cravings (especially the desire to eat sweets and sugary products), and by regulating these levels, the cravings are automatically eliminated.

5. Lettuce

If you are on a weight loss diet, then you surely known that lowering your daily caloric intake is a vital factor in your battle against obesity.
Lettuce has less than 70 calories per pound, therefore it is by far one of the healthies and diet-friendly foods available, not to mention that it contains high amounts of manganese, folic acid and Vitamin B, all of them being essential for your immune system. Dark green lettuce is the best, especially when combined with vinaigrette and low-calorie cheese for added taste.

6. Cabbage

Cabbage can easily be turned into a culinary delight, as long as you know how to cook it. This leafy veggie is extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, therefore it boosts your immune system and it also slows down the aging process. You can make a cabbage salad with vinaigrette or a delicious cabbage soup, the latter being known to help you lose weight and to lower your risk for diabetes. Cabbage and vinegar are two powerful weapons against extra pounds, so imagine what these two ingredients would do for your waistline if you combined them! Besides, cabbage also contains a compound known as sulphoraphane which is known for its anti-cancer properties.

7. Eggs

Eggs are delicious, and it is recommended to have eggs for breakfast given the fact that they make you feel full for longer. Moreover, eggs are also a great addition to every salad, as they boost the salad’s staying power. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you eat foods that make you feel full then you will eat less at your next couple of meals. Eggs contain a plethora of nutrients and vitamins: zinc, iron Vitamin B, D and A. However, what’s most important is that one egg contains no more than 85 calories, therefore they are a great choice for dieters.

8. Pears

We all know that fruits and veggies are great for our health, but how many of us knew that pears can actually help us lose weight given their high fiber content? As a matter of fact, one medium-sized pear contains no less than six grams of fiber, twice as more than an apple which was initially believed to be the no. 1 weight loss fruit. One or two small pears a day will help you prevent hunger and cravings, and you should lose several pounds throughout the next three months if you stick to this regimen.

9. Quinoa

Last, but not least, Quinoa is another great weight loss food that acts as a fat inhibitor and appetite suppressant. Consuming quinoa for three times a week will not only help you shed pounds, but it will also deliver the proper amounts of amino acids, protein, Vitamin E and phytosterols that your body needs to function correctly. Quinoa is very versatile and it can serve as a great cereal or side dish.


To summarize, you can easily lose weight without having to resort to pills or spend a fortune on supplements, as the weight loss secret lies in our diet. The foods mentioned above have been scientifically proven to support your weight loss efforts.-Dailymail