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Chinese Woman’s Breast Implants Explodes After Prolonged Gaming Session

Beijing – A Chinese woman recently ruptured her breast implants after lying face down while playing a game on her mobile phone for four hours. Doctors said the low quality materials used in the breasts, combined with the excessive and prolonged pressure on the implants, caused the breakage.

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The woman received medical attention and avoided any permanent injury, but it isn’t clear if she was able to keep the “enhanced” breasts.

This woman’s surgery is part of a growing demand for plastic surgery in China. While nip/tuck fervor isn’t as great as it is in South Korea, eChinacites reports that a study by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery stated that 1.05 million people in China went under the knife in 2011, the 3rd highest rate in the world. The most popular surgeries include double eyelid surgery, liposuction, nose jobs and breast enhancement.

This rise of plastic surgery in China has provided eager writers with a plethora of bizarre stories, ranging from surgical reconstruction of the hymen to plastic surgery for dogs. Late last year a man divorced and sued his wife after the birth of what he called an “incredibly ugly baby” ultimately proved that she not been forthcoming about previous plastic surgery operations. Shallowness prevailed as the judge ordered the wife to pay the man over 700,000 yuan in “damages”.

Plastic surgery in China is no joke; 20,000 yearly botched operations show that there is considerable risk in the operations. The potential consequences include blindness and even death, and more than half of the nation’s plastic surgery clinics failed a random inspection in 2010. Al Jazeera reported that unlicensed and illegal plastic surgery operations are carried out throughout the country so rampantly that illegal clinics are believed to outnumber legal by three to four times.

The poor durability of her implants suggests that this Beijing woman visited one of these illicit clinics to undergo surgery. Doctors did not say whether or not she achieved a high score in her game. Shanghaiist.com [Image credit: matthewlucas]

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