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How To Export Dried Hibiscus Flower (Zobo Leaves) From Nigeria

A Hibiscus Flower is an ornamental plant with great medicinal properties that helps reduce blood pressure, control cholesterol and other health challenges when used correctly.

Dried Hibiscus Flower Export

There are more than 300 species of hibiscus Flower found worldwide but in Nigeria, the red Hibiscus Flower is very common.

Producers of Hibiscus Flower In Nigeria

Hibiscus Flower plant is grown more by Farmers in the northern part of Nigeria and it is usually harvested from late-December/early-January.
When dried, the red Hibiscus Flower (Zobo Leaves) is used to produce a popular heath drink/tea called Zobo In Nigeria.
In these days of low pricing of the Nigerian Crude oil in the international market, exporting the dried Hibiscus Flower has become a very lucrative export business that can bring in more Dollar flow into country.

Demand for Hibiscus Flower

In fact, some smart Nigerians have started earning huge foreign exchange in Dollars/Euros from the export of dried red Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves) to Europe, America and the Asian market.
Foreign buyers in Europe,America and Asia needs dried Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves). You could just be the right person they are looking for, so take advantage of this opportunity to start your own exportation business and earn millions of Naira as income.
Currently, the dried Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves) sells for $1500 to $2000 per ton in the international market.
Foreign Buyers may request either FOB or CIF quotes from suppliers.
To start exporting dried Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves) on a small scale you will need to have the following in place.

Procedure for exporting dried Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves)

**REGISTER your business with the Corporate Commission of Nigeria (CAC).

**GET AN EXPORT LICENSE from the Nigeria Export promotion council (NEPC).

You may want to ask, do I really need an EXPORT LICENSE to a small scale export business?
Yes it is necessary you obtain a license from NEPC, however you can start exporting dried Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves) to foreign buyers abroad while you process an export license.

Dried Hibiscus Flower of Nigeria origin has the following specifications; Impurities – 0.7% Total Ash – 10% Appearance – Cleaned petals Color – Red Moisture content – 12% maximum.

The local market price for dried hibiscus per MT ranges from NGN140, 000.00 to NGN160, 00.00 to deliver it to Lagos during the season.
It may be as high as NGN180, 000 when the season is over.

**PROCESS AND PACKAGE dried Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves) FOR EXPORT.

To help those who are really interested in making money from the business, I have packaged a detailed export manual on exportation of dried Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves).
The detailed export manual contains the following information on the following.
>>How to Contact foreign buyers of Nigeria dried Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves)
>>How to get them to sign dried Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves) export contract with you.
>>How to contact of local sellers of cheap dried Hibiscus Flowers (Zobo Leaves) in Nigeria.
>>Method of payment recognized in export business.
>>Export business documentation.ETC.
These and many more information I have packaged in the PDF manual to enable you start easily.
To order a copy of the PDF manual onDried Hibiscus Flower.

Please pay the
sum of N5000 only to any Gtbank (Bank Transfer),
A/C. Number:001-030-8742,


After payment text your name, ur e-mail address to 08081632025 and immediately a copy of the export manual (PDF) will be sent to
your email box.