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Start A Profitable Groundnut Oil Production Business In Nigeria

How To Start Groundnut oil production business in Nigeria.

Are you thinking of starting a production business in Nigeria that will give you a high return on your investment?

If yes, then I would like to bring to your attention the immense profit making opportunity inherent in groundnut oil production business in Nigeria.

Like we all know that groundnut oil is an essential commodity that is widely used for both cooking and for industries processes in Nigeria.

The high demand for groundnut oil nationwide and the short fall in supply due to the ban on the importation of the product by the federal government of Nigeria has thus make Groundnut oil production business very lucrative.

Groundnut seeds, the major raw material needed for producing groundnut oil are widely grown in throughout Nigeria especially in North.

The Machines and equipment needed for the production of groundnut oil is readily available locally and easy to install and maintain.

The market for groundnut oil in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized, because with a population of over 120 million people uses groundnut oil to cook and for industrial processes on daily basis.

To Start Groundnut oil production business in Nigeria. Below are what you need.

The production line Groundnut oil making consist of:

Seed preparation, seed pressing/oil extraction and filtration.

A typical groundnut oil mill has the following facilities: decorticator, cooking kettle, baby boiler, oil expeller and filter press.

For a small/medium scale mechanized groundnut oil mill, the start-up capital is between 10 to 15million naira. This will cover the cost of land, construction, furniture, procurement and installation of machinery, vehicle and operational expenses.

Here is the Cost/profit involved in producing 500liters of groundnut oil from one tone of groundnut seed

One tone of groundnut seed produces an average of 500ltr of groundnut oil, 420Kg of groundnut cake, and 40Kg of groundnut sludge.

The average price of Groundnut seeds in Northern of Nigeria

1tone of groundnut seed = N180,000

1ltr of groundnut oil = N260

1Kg of groundnut cake = N160

1Kg of groundnut sludge = N100

So if you process 1tone of groundnut seeds, you are likely to get an average profit of N20,000.

With a 3.5ton oil milling capacity of groundnut per day, you are sure to make an average of N70,000 profit. Which translates to N2, 100,000 per month?

Monthly cost of labor, staff welfare, fuel, and transport will not exceed N800,000.

Selling your produced groundnut oil will not be a difficult thing as you get a a lot of dealers who will gladly pay in advance for your products the moment you start production.

Through post I believe you must have gotten some important information that will help you Start and own a profitable Groundnut oil production business in Nigeria.

If you need more information about this project, please don’t hesitate to contact me because I have packaged a comprehensive feasibility studies that will aid you to quickly start and make profit from Groundnut oil production business.

The cost of the Groundnut oil production business feasibility studies is N10,000 only.

To order a copy please N10,000 to GTbank Account number: 001-030-8742, Account Name: Ojo Otaru and after payment please text your name and email address to 08081632025 for me to quickly deliver the Groundnut oil production business feasibility studies to your email box.

Success is yours, because you have chosen to make your dreams a reality.

Stay Blessed.


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