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How To Start Cocoa Export Business In Nigeria and Make Profit


Cocoa one of the fastest selling agricultural products today both in the local and international market! This is due to its use in Confectionery, Food and Major Industrial processes.


Major Producers of Cocoa

Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana and Brazil are the largest producers and suppliers of Cocoa to the international commodity export market.

World’s largest Importers of Raw Cocoa

The world’s largest importers of raw Cocoa are Holland, the US, Germany, Britain and Brazil with more than 2million tons per annum demand.

States in Nigeria that produces Cocoa

Also, Cocoa export is the second major non-oil foreign exchange earner in Nigeria after leather. States in Nigeria that produces Cocoa are as follows.
Ondo,Cross River, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Ogun, Edo, Kogi, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Abia, Kwara, Ebonyi and Rivers with a yearly production rate of 500,000 metric tons.

Demand for Cocoa (International market)

Due to recent increase in the demand for Cocoa in the international market, the price of selling Cocoa in Nigeria also jumped up to about N700, 000 per metric ton (MT).
While the International market price for Cocoa export to Europe and America is put around $2860/MT.
With the availability of Cocoa in Nigeria and high demand for the commodity in the international market, what an opportunity to make huge income in Dollars,Euros and Pound starlings through COCOA EXPORT.
Just imagine the profit you stand to make when you export say 10tons of Cocoa to a foreign buyer in the US regularly at $2860/TM

Capital Needed To Start Cocoa Export Business In Nigeria

With about N8million you too can start exporting Cocoa from Nigeria to buyers in the US, Europe and make up to 20% -30% as profit.
The recent sharp drop in the price of crude oil has indeed made export business in Nigeria a hot cake.
How To Start Cocoa Export Business In Nigeria and Make Profit
No wonder the President Buharia’s government through the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) stepped up campaign to sensitize Nigerians to embrace the non Oil export sector to help diversify our economy.
I believe the export of Cocoa from Nigeria is indeed another profitable business opportunities entrepreneurs can use to earn income in hard currencies.

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Procedure for Exporting Cocoa from Nigeria

To start exporting Cocoa from Nigeria, you need to get more information on the following.

How to Contact foreign buyers of Nigeria Cocoa.
How to get foreign buyers to sign export contract with you.
Where to source for cheap cocoa in Nigeria.
Method of payment recognized in export business.
Export business documentation.
Required Packaging method for shipping.
Correct specification for Cocoa needed by most buyers.
These and many more information I have packaged in a pdf manual to enable you start easily.
To order a copy of the PDF manual on Cocoa export please pay the
sum of N5000 only to any Gtbank (Bank Transfer),
A/C. Number:001-030-8742,


After payment text your name, ur e-mail address to 08081632025 and immediately a copy of the export manual (PDF) will be sent to your email box for quick delivery of the manual to your inbox


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