Do you know you can become a millionaire through Cold Room business in Nigeria?


YES you can!!!, who says you can. I know many investors in cold room business that smile continuously to the bank on daily basis.

The inadequate public power supply in homes/food industries has increase the demand for services of cold rooms in Nigeria.

A Cold room is a refrigerated container used for cooling, storing and preserving perishable packaged food items. Like Fish, Chicken,Turkey,Ice Cream,fruits and ice block (etc) from getting bad.

How To Start Cold Room Business In Nigeria (Business Plan)

There are two ways to make money from a cold room business in Nigeria.
You can setup a cold room to sell the perishable food item mentioned above to members of the public or setup one for companies and individuals to rent.
If you desire a business in Nigeria that will give you high return on your investment, then I believe cold room business will offer you such opportunity.

 Requirement for Setting up Cold Room Business in Nigeria

Below is Requirement for Setting up Cold Room Business in Nigeria.

The capital required to start your own Cold Room Business in Nigeria, depends on the capacity of the cold room you want to setup. You could choose to setup a small cold room business or large scale cold room. (Startup capital ranges from N10million and above)


There are cold rooms of different capacities (3tons to 500tons) available in the market. They are either imported or locally built in Nigeria. The imported cold rooms are very expensive, but the locally fabricated cold rooms are affordable and cheap to maintain.
How To Start Cold Room Business In Nigeria (Business Plan)

The cost of locally fabricated cold room in Nigeria ranges from N2million to N100million.
You can purchase your cold room by contacting any fabricator in your area.
Chose a favorable location where you can site your cold room business easily without hindrance.
Knowing that the business will thrive better in certain location than the other.
For example a cold room business will do well when sited close to a major market, industrial area and densely populated area.
After choosing a suitable location, you may now go ahead to build or rent a facility (warehouse) that will house your cold room.
Equipment Needed
Power generator.
To ensure steady power supply, you need a standby generator as an alternative to public power supply, this is to ensure continuous functioning of your cold room.
Cutting knives, packaging supplies, measuring scales, tables, polythene bags or cartons, bowls, safety equipment etc.
To get new customers and retain old once, you will need to purchase one or two cooling Van to aid the quick conveyance of frozen foods to various destinations without them getting bad.
Employ some experience hands to operate and manage your cold room business to ensure you make high profit. You will need services of a manager,sales boys, loaders and off loaders,drive, security man.
Cold room business in Nigeria is indeed a profitable business with high return on investment. Many who are into the business in Nigeria are constantly smiling to the bank.


With this, I can confidently recommend this cold room business to anyone who is desirous of starting a profitable business in Nigeria.
How To Start Cold Room Business In Nigeria (Business Plan)
To assist interested investor setup easily and make profit, I have packaged a complete business plan on Cold room business in Nigeria.
To order the Cold room business plan,Please pay the sum of N15,000 only to any Gtbank,
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I wish you success, as you invest in this profitable Cold room business in Nigeria.