Swimming pools offer a great way to chill out and have fun, especially during hot or lazy days. A basic feature of most hotels in Nigeria, visitors and lodgers are always keen to use the amenity.

But most of these hotels do not clearly state the guidelines on how the swimming pool should be used and most of the visitors are clueless as to how to behave before and while using the pool. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal stands in the gap to offer 5 things every prospective swimming pool user in Nigeria should know before diving into any pool.

Only get in the pool if you can swim

A lot of people may not be able to swim but would just want an opportunity to wear their swimsuit and dabble in the water. While this can be fun, it is very risky and should be avoided, especially if you are alone. Not every hotel or club offer swimming pool accessories for beginning swimmers and not all have life guards on standby. If you cannot swim, just avoid the pool.

Be careful with your mobile device

It is no secret that water is no friend to the mobile device and most times when people go to the pool area, they leave their phones at the edge of the pool or on whatever chair they may have placed their towel. It is advisable you leave your phone safely locked in a safe in your hotel room before coming down to swim. If you are however too attached to your phone, you can bring it with you but you will endeavor to put it in a plastic bag if you plan to keep it near the pool and keep a watchful eye over it lest it gets stolen.

Do not forget the Sunscreen and Bug spray

This is very important if you are swimming in the noon time. Some hotels will offer you mini bottles but it is always advisable to come with yours, so that you are sure the cream contains enough SPF to protect your skin. Again, bugs tend to frequent pool areas and to avoid being severely bitten, take the bug spray along too.

Go to the pool with your own accessories

Do not expect to get a fresh swimsuit/gear or towel at the swimming pool, ensure you go with your own stuff, that way you are not disappointed and you run a lesser risk of catching any skin rash or infectious ailment. Pack your swimsuit, your swimming cap, goggles if needed and towels. Also, if you are a beginner in swimming, endeavor to take your own float noodle to the swim pool as not every pool will have all that you may request.

Avoid drinking the pool water

The pool can be fun and sometimes you may playfully want to taste the water or even drink it….please don’t! The pool water may look clean and pure, but that does not mean it is clean. Aside from the chlorine (which is not good for your health) that is added to the water to kill germs, the pool also contains body fluids, urine and fecal matter from people who may have used it before you.

Nkem Ndem | PR Associate at Jumia Travel
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