Some of these Battery-killing apps include those apps that run in the background when your phone is on. If your battery is draining faster than you would want, one of these apps could be responsible:

According to Tech Licious, the problem apps include the ones that run when you power your phone and apps you launch yourself. They are:

Samsung AllShare (now Samsung Link)

Samsung Security Policy Update

Beaming Service for Samsung
Google Maps
BBM (BlackBerry Messenger)

Samsung AllShare, Samsung Security Policy Update and Beaming Service for Samsung are automatically installed on select Samsung smartphones. Samsung Link lets you access multimedia content on other Samsung devices from your smartphone, Security Policy Update helps keep your phone secure and Beaming Service lets you send barcodes from your phone to barcode scanners.

If you don’t regularly use any of these apps, it is advisable that you uninstall them to give your battery a boost. Note that you can easily access Facebook from a mobile web browser and get updates whenever you want—without Facebook always running in the background.

The list of top 10 battery-draining apps that you have to actively click to run are:
Samsung WatchON
Microsoft Outlook

LINE: Free Calls and Messages
Clean Master
Amazon Shopping
Super-Bright LED Torch
BBC iPlayer
PicsArt Photo Studio

Media streaming apps Spotify and iPlayer constantly stream data and consume a lot of power. Once you turn Samsung’s WatchON remote control app on, it remains running in the background.