Dear reader, do you know can earn you income in foreign currencies through Moringa export from Nigeria?

Pharmaceutical, cosmetics industries and Individuals in China, the US, Germany, Canada, South Korea and European countries are looking for exporters who can supply Moringa seeds and Moringa leaves and get paid handsomely.


You also want to know why the demand for Moringa seeds and Moringa leaves is so high in the countries mentioned above.
Reason is that Medical researchers have discovered that Moringa plant contains active ingredients that are of great benefits to human health.

Health Benefits of Moringa

Below are some of the many Health Benefits of Moringa seed and leaves.
1. Contains over 90 nutrients to support body health
2. Contains 46 anti-oxidants
3. Contains 36 anti-inflammatory compounds
4. Promotes healthy circulatory system
5. Promotes healthy digestion
6. Promotes healthy cellular structure
7. Enhances skin health
8. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
9. Provides a sense of well being
10. Triggers the metabolism
11. Increases energy
12. Helps cleanse and detoxify the body of infectious toxins
13. Nourishes the eyes and brain
14. Supports normal blood glucose
15. Promotes natural serum cholesterol
16. Promotes normal functioning of the liver and the kidney
17. Provides a high level of fibres
18. Is an extremely powerful free radical fighter
19. Helps improve Mental Clarity/focus
21. Promotes sound sleep
22. Help enhance intimate desire and performance
23. Fights cancerous cells
24. Help slow down the aging process
25. Helps maintain healthy heart functions
26. Helps minimize inflammation
27. Helps in the prevention of arteriosclerosis
28. Helps enhance visual acuity
29. Helps stabilize normal blood sugar levels
30. Help fight general depression and stress
31. Supports weight loss
32. Improves upon your overall physical strength
Indeed Moringa seed & leave export is a big business opportunity for interested Nigerians to earn some cool cash in Pounds & Dollars especially now that Nigeria is experiencing recession.
1 kilogram of Moringa seeds (about 2000 seeds) in Nigeria sells for as high as N2000. While in the international market it sells for between $30 – $100 per kilogram.
With N50, 000 to N100, 000) you can start export of Moringa leaves or Moringa seeds to buyers in China, the US and the UK and make up to 70% as profit.
Getting Moringa leaves and seeds for export is not a difficult thing; the plant is readily available in Nigeria and other producers countries like Ghana, the Philippines, Kenya, Rwanda, Niger, Mozambique, Cambodia and Haiti.

Moringa leaves and seeds Export Step by Step Procedure

To start the export of Moringa leaves or Moringa seeds from Nigeria, below are steps to take.


Get your export business registered with CAC


Obtain an export license from the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC)


Source for Moringa locally that has been well processed to meet the foreign buyers’ specification.


Package the leaves or seeds to meet international standard.


Source for foreign buyers of Moringa abroad.


Search for a freight forwarder or courier service that will ship the package Moringa to buyers in China, the US, Germany, Canada, South Korea and European countries.


Smile to the bank to receive your export proceeds either in Dollars,Pound Starling or Euros.
To make Moringa leaves or Moringa seeds export very easy, I have packaged a step by step practical manual and its only for those who are interested in making from export.
The Moringa leaves and Moringa seeds export manual, contains the following information.

WHERE TO BUY Moringa leaves and seeds in Nigeria.

How to PROCESS Moringa leaves and seeds to meet international export specification?

DO I need an EXPORT LICENSE for small scale? No you don’t it for now but you will need it as you grow to become a big time Moringa leaves and seeds exporter.

MATERIAL NEEDED FOR PACKAGING Moringa leaves and seeds for export (Nylon)

LOCATION OF MAJOR BUYERS of Moringa leaves and seeds (UK and US)
Mode of TRANSPORT NEEDED TO EXPORT Moringa leaves and seeds abroad (Flight- courier services, DHL, EMS, and NIPOST)



Other information you will discover in a COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL I have just complied on how to export Moringa leaves and seeds from Nigeria to the UK, US and make up to 70% profit.
THE Moringa leaves and seeds EXPORT MANUAL CONTAINS CONTACT (office addresses, email addresses and phone numbers) of over 35 genuine buyers of Moringa leaves & seeds and other foodstuffs from Nigeria.
In the manual you will also discover how to get contact addresses of other buyers from around the world.
You may want to ask HOW DO I GET THIS SMALL SCALE Moringa leaves and seeds EXPORT MANUAL. The manual plus 3bonus export manual cost N5000 only. To get a copy call me on 08081632025, email: cashkom@gmail.com
Moringa Seed or leave export from Nigeria is a profitable business any time.
Don’t waste this rare opportunity to earn continuous income in hard currency.
Remain blessed.