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Most Popular Games For Consoles

Video games are different. Playing some of them, such as shooters and action games, you can relax after work and throw out the accumulated stress. Also there are deep intellectual games, by playing which the human brain is working at its maximum capacity, trying to find the answers to the questions. Such entertainment is especially pleasing for the people who think deep and those who appreciate deep story with a double, or even triple plot. So, every auditory type has its top of the most sold games.

Let’s check the most popular video games for consoles in 2015-2016!

Top sales of intellectual games this summer were recorded for Japanese series of psychological thriller puzzle Zero Escape, the third part of which was published for the Nintendo 3DSPlayStation Vita and the PC.

Summer 2016 has been extremely generous to unusual video games that can be attributed more to contemporary art than to the traditional gaming industry. For example, the excellent ABZÛ or dark adventure INSIDE for PlayStation 4.

Choosing games for xbox 360 is often determined by whatever fad in reality. So, the gamers showed they live sport! Games with football are on top – FIFA series were claimed as one of the best!


Everyone may know that the most successful exclusive from PlayStation 4 today is the Bloodborne. The video game offers a diversified system of combat and has a brutal difficulty curve, repeating elements that are well remembered by many gamers from the Dark Souls series.

Rocket League

Despite the fact that it is also available on PC (but not available on the Xbox One), Rocket League, however, is one of the best games on the PlayStation 4. It has become something of a phenomenon this summer, including that fact that it made its debut in July as a free video game PlayStation Plus. The rapid, easily recognizable – but hard to pass – the gameplay has collected a huge community of players that helped it to become one of the surprise hits of 2016.

Some games are like good wine – and with time they become a legend. That has happened with such games as Deus Ex, Witcher 3: wild hunt and Call of Duty. Since last year the popularity of this video games only increased!

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