Nowadays, the market of project management tools embraces more than 50 different items both free and paid. For your consideration, the top 10 project management tools are introduced below.

1. Casual

Casual.pm is a visual tool for project management. Any user of Casual is provided with a detailed tutorial project, which disclose the main features of this tool, including automatic email notifications, upload of project-related files, Google Calendar integration etc.

2. Trello

Trello.com is a very convenient tool for task and project management, providing its users with virtual kanban boards. It cannot boast of a number of features; however, it offers many integration options with other services. This tool is a perfect solution for simple projects, when you don’t need a complex project plan.

3. Basecamp

Basecamp.com is famous among creative teams of small and middle-sized companies. Basecamp’s features include management of user permissions, restore of deleted items, direct comments and others. Nevertheless, the tool has some flaws, such as insufficiently improved task management, no track time or data analysis options etc. In general, Basecamp will perfectly suit to a small creative team.

4. Redbooth

Gantt chart is an attribute of each task and project management tool. In addition to this chart, Redbooth.com can offer many useful features, including time tracking, workload view, chat and videoconference in HD quality.

5. Asana

Asana.com is a simple service, which is more a task manager tool than a project management. Its main feature is task lists, which are very easy and convenient. Once again, this tool won’t suit to complex projects due to the limited amount of features.

6. Jira

Jira is a complex service, comprising features of project management tool as well as bug tracking system. Its main peculiarity is that you can customize it, as you want due to the number of integration options. This tool is not a proper solution for small projects

7. PivotalTracker

Pivotaltracker.com is a known project management tool. The IT developers use Pivotal Tracker for tracking software development process. This tool is simple and boasts of many interesting features and integration options.

8. Wrike

Wrike.com is a powerful tool, containing Gantt chart, tracking of time and budget, and many of integration options. Wrike will not suit small projects, but to middle-sized ones.

9. SmartSheet

Smartsheet.com is a project management tool for enterprise sector. This tool provides many features, is available in special versions for various industries and has different integration options.

10. Microsoft Project

This tool is well known among the Microsoft users. Many professional project managers of large companies use this project management tool, because it offers many features and interesting options. However, Microsoft Project is not a simple tool and will be good for large project teams.

It is rather difficult to select the best PM tool. Make your choice on the basis of your project requirements and complexity.