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SwissGolden Nigeria – How To Join & Make Millions

Dear Friend,
Are you looking for quick ways to make money and overcome the current hardship in Nigeria?
If your answer is YES!!! Then please follow me let me introduce you to SWISSGOLDEN, one of the easiest way to make millions of Naira right here in Nigeria.
You might want to ask, what is SWISSGOLDEN All About?
SWISSGOLDEN is an online Gold store that trades on 24-karat Gold bars ranging from 1g-100g with 999.9% purity. We’re talking Real Gold here!!!

The business comprises of 8 parts/tables; you can decide to join from any of the levels of investments.

1. Preliminary Starter Table: €75 = N45,000(1 table); bonus earned is €260 (This is a new package, it was launched on Monday March 6, 2017)
2. Main Start Table: €200 = N110k (3 tables); bonus earned is €1800.
3. Prelim table 280€ = N145,000 (1 Table)
bonus to be earned 1000€ & thats used to buy your next level
4. Main table 740€ = N385,000 Consist of 3 tables
Bonus to be earned is 1890€ = 3m+
Paid in 3 installments, 2100€ (N1.2m) × 3…the 3rd time your 700€ (start up capital) is still intact and you continue to earn that constantly in SWISSGOLDEN
5. Prelim vip table 1050€ = N570,000 (1 Table) just like the first Prelim table.
Bonus to be earned is 4000€
6. Vip table 2800€ (3Tables)
Bonus to be earned is 28000€
7. Prelim VIP+ 3550€ (1 Table)
Bonus to be earned is 14000€
8. Vip Plus table. 9850€ (3 Tables)
Bonus to be earned 98000€

Briefly put
To join SWISSGOLDEN WEBSITE, Your text all you need do is buy gold under any of the available contracts (least set is 200euro about N115,000or start with 75euro which is N45,000 naira and save to pay the 200euro later).
Then REFER at least 2 other people to JOIN …it is a continuous process.
You complete one stage and pay for the next stage (from your earnings) till you get to the highest contract where the potential earning is about N15million per table.
Whenever you upgrade in SWISSGOLDEN you still have change to cash out in most cases…
SWISSGOLDEN => Potential earnings in Naira on the 4 contracts are as follows
Start table about N230,000 each (3 cycles)
Main table about N900,000 each (3 cycles)
Vip table about N4million each (3 cycles)
Vip+ table about N15million each (3 cycles)
You can start low and build up increasing your earnings as you go!
Join, Learn, Do And Earn! That simply.
It is doable
For One on One talk call Ojo : 08037191728 ,08081632025


>>How much is it to start the business?
The current exchange rate is N136, 000. You can refer back to whoever invited you to know how to make the payment and get started.
>>Must I refer two investors to the business?
The company requires you to get a minimum of two customers to qualify for the bonus.
>>What if I can’t get my two?
In the event that you do not meet this requirement, once your Preliminary Table is completed, you’re exited from the table and refunded.
We call this a win-win situation, however, in our team, we like our partners to give it their best effort and work alongside their Team members. You should also be positive and believe that if others could do it, so can you!
Will the team help me get my two?
We will NOT work FOR you as we are NOT your employees, we will rather work WITH you as partners as we have made available for you all needed tools and resources to enable you get your two once you’re registered.
On this, your team would give you assistance.
Besides, all you need to do is add up your prospects to this group and we show them plan on your behalf!
This method has worked for countless partners and still works!
>>What if I have more than two people to introduce to the business?
The company requires you to get two customers. However, if you get more than two, we advise you support your team to grow with you.
In other words, you can borrow them your excess and when they get theirs, they also give them out to other team mates.
This is one of our fundamental strength as a team, however that is NOT a licence for anyone to sit back like its an option as we mean business here!
>>What is the money invested into the business meant for?
It covers:
A personal branded website which can be used to transact the business.
Administrative fees.
VAT and
Two grams of gold purchased in your name and stored with UBS.
>>Is it possible to get my gold bars delivered here in Nigeria?
The company SWISSGOLDEN will send your gold bars to your doorstep within 3-7 working days.
You are only required to pay for its shipment.
We’ve had several members of our team have their gold bars delivered!
>>Is thus one of those Ponzi or Pyramid Schemes?
Ponzi and Pyramid schemes are illegal and we will have nothing to do with them. We have done our checks on this company.
Ponzi schemes don’t last for more than a year, maximum is 2 years.
Swiss Golden has been around for almost 5 years buying and selling gold and growing stronger!
>>What is the guarantee that this business will not go away like some others?
We understand your fears about companies that have gone under. This company however has been around for close to 5 years in over 200 countries and growing stronger.
Does SwissGolden have a physical office in Nigeria?
Yes we do.
We have a Partner’s Office in Port Harcourt. Address is 36, Stadium/Rumuola Link Road, by South South Filling Station.
We are currently working on opening the Lagos Partner’s Office which will happen very soon.
CLICK To JOIN SWISSGOLDEN …..And be the current Millionaire
For One on One talk call Ojo : 08037191728,08081632025