Earning a decent or reasonable income automatically means that you should be able to take good care of yourself. This is not the case for certain people because before the end of the month, their accounts are empty and they are unable to care for themselves to a very large extent. If this is you, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency discusses the reasons why you are always broke regardless of your decent income.

You think you are too young to start saving

The truth is that nobody is too young to start saving. But still, it is not too late to save. No matter how small, you should save.

Changing your electronic gadgets

Every three months, you change your gadgets to the latest ones. You do not need a soothsayer to tell you that you will soon be broke.The more your income increases, the more you spend

This very straight forward. The more your income increases, the more you spend. Clearly, you have intensified your spending impulse because of increased salary. If you do this, you will always be out of money.

You do not have a budget

Having a budget is the best way to track your spending. Your budget will keep you in check. A budget will help you decide if you should book a 3 star or 5 star Lagos hotel. If you do not have a budget, you will be poor.

You are always in debt

You cannot get out of debt because you are always borrowing money for your upkeep. Of course, to stop borrowing, you should live within your means.

Not caring about the future

You do not think about the future. You want to eat everything you have now. You do not know that an emergency may occur anytime. Consequently, you will be able to address such emergency because you have no money.

You do not track how you spend

Immediately money hits your account, you just spend it indiscriminately. At the end, you cannot explain how you spend it. You should ensure that you track your spending to prevent you from going broke.

– Jumia Travel,