Friend, are you searching for information on how to obtain Obtaining Courier Company License In Nigeria?
If yes then please see list below for requirement needed in Obtaining Courier Company License In Nigeria

(i) Certified True copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
(ii) Memorandum/Articles of Association
(iii) Company’s Tax Clearance for the last three years (originals to be sighted);
(iv) Leasehold Certificate or Tenancy Agreement in respect of the company’s registered office;

(v) Evidence or information to show capacity to operate courier service including but not limited to indemnity insurance policy of Five Hundred Thousand Naira, capital base of Two Million Naira or a bond of that value.
(vi) Evidence of payment of now refundable application fee as may be prescribed from time to time;
(vii) Names, qualifications and addresses including telephone and/or fax numbers of all Directors of the company.
(viii) Samples of waybills, labels, bags, tags envelopes, receipts registered trade mark (if any) and other documents that may be required.
(ix) Partnership, merger, alliance (or such other arrangements) agreements (if any).
(x) Such other information or evidence that may assist the minister in forming a decision or such other information or evidence as he may specify from time to time.
(xi) Where there is/has been change in any information filed or submitted (in case of an application for renewal of license).