The landscaper is the person who creates new and stunning landscapes outside. They are expert in planting new flowers, trees, and bushes. The profession of landscaper demands combined skill set of arts and science.

Do you think too much about global issues like shortage of water and climate change? Are you creative with environmental awareness? If yes, then you can opt for the landscaper as your career. Below mentioned reasons will make you more confident that there are good things about landscaping.

1. Conservation

The reason to opt for this career is that you act as a medium between landscape and people. A landscaper defines guidelines, laws, and policies to protect the environment for future generations. These guidelines make the environment healthy for living.
2. Creating a healthy community

A landscaper focuses on community and improving the standards of living. There is no other profession that focuses on improving the community life. It involves your involvement in making the conditions suitable for living. The good thing is that you make the life easy, happy and healthy for others.
3. Respond to global issues

Landscapers work on the front line in the major global issues like environmental degradation, resource depletion, and overpopulation.
4. Ability to change and educate

You can utilize your skill-set to change, plan, design, and build the landscape. You can also utilize your skills to educate someone.
5. Combination of art, science, and environment

If you are interested in working in a diverse mix of fields and have the knowledge, then opt for this career. There is the diverse range of projects that come under the landscaper. Some of them are Olympic park master planning, environmental research, residential design, national park reservation and much more.
You have to be efficient in research, planning, data analysis, and management. You must have the ability to work in diverse areas. Examples are hospitality resorts, educational campuses, urban design, wildlife reserves, conservation and much more.
6. Innovative ideas and creativity

You need to be innovative if you want to go for this career option. Some live examples of innovation are a Central Park in New York City. You have to keep your creative mind running in this career option.
7. Leader

Landscaper act as a leader that led many projects globally. If you have the dream of working with architects, engineers, builders, interior architects, then go for it! They take the responsibility to improve the environment. So, if you love to design and construct, take this option with open arms.
How to Become a Successful Landscaper?
Now you have decided that you want to opt for the career of Landscaping. Here the ways to become a successful landscaper:
1. Get a high school diploma

A high school diploma is a minimum requirement. You can also go for on the job training. However, you are required to develop the skills of learning, watching and doing.
2. Explore career options

Find your passion and start working. You need to understand what your responsibilities are. It includes
● Meeting with clients
● Seed and turf lawns
● Plant new plants
● Planning and work with garden designers and landscape architects
● Install features like rock gardens, paving, pathways and water features.
3. Gain work experience

Participate in internship programs or fieldwork. You must go for gaining practical work experience. Practice maintaining vegetation, care for mature lawns and operating required machinery.
4. Get certified

There are many certifications that you can research online. PLANET (The Professional Landcare Network) offers a wide range of certification programs in landscaping. A degree in floriculture management, landscaping & grounds keeping, turf management, horticulture and landscape architecture is required.
5. Improve your employability

You must be able to complete the projects individually as a part of landscaping team. Develop your stamina as you are required to work in the field.
6. Find an apprenticeship

Search online and enroll yourself in local nurseries or landscaping companies. Since you are only in the internship stage, you may not get much as a payment. But do not make haste, be patient and work hard, since the average income of a landscaper varies a lot, but it definitely won’t lose to any other jobs. Making it to the tops or not, totally depends on you.
Prospects of Landscaper in the USA

● You can start and manage your own landscaping business. The advantage of starting your own business is that you can create your schedule and work. You can grab the contracts of maintaining school & university campuses and public parks.
● Starting a plantain farm is quite an attractive option. With very little capital you can start your farm. Afterward, you can search for more customers.
● You can work as a professional with some company. You can work as a nursery manager, golf-course superintendent, ground supervisor, and horticulture specialist. You can also get the job of landscaper, contractor or groundskeeper.
● You can take the option of teaching. You can teach the students in a university. You can share your knowledge and experience in landscape architecture.
The landscape professionals are looked at working towards the betterment and improving the environment. So, if you are interested and confident, opt for this career.