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How To Start Plantain Flour Production In Nigeria

Plantain is a major staple food widely grown and consumed in Nigeria and other African countries because of its high nutritional value. (Has high fiber,low sodium, fat and rich protein content).

How To Start Plantain Flour Production In Nigeria

Plantain is consumed domestically or processed into chips or Flour. Statistics has it that Nigeria produces well over 75million metric ton of plantain annually, But in spite of that huge figure, the demand for plantain in the country for is far below supply.


Plantain Flour Production Business In Nigeria – Step by Step Guide

In two of my previous posts on Businessfinancedaily.com I talked about how to start a Profitable Plantain Farm in Nigeria with Little Capital. And How to Start Plantain Flour Export Business in Nigeria and make steady income. (Please Read It up)
Well, today, I’m going to show you free of charge how to start a profitable small or medium scale Plantain Flour production business in Nigeria.

Plantain flour has become a very popular food in Nigeria and in the international market, this is because it been listed as one of the major high fiber rich foods.

No wonder most medical doctors usually recommend Plantain flour to patients suffering from: Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Arteriosclerosis, Angina Pectoris, Palpitation, High Cholesterol Level, High Blood Pressure, Obesity e.t.c.

The demand for plantain flour in Nigeria is very high, but the supply is low due to the fact that only few companies are producing it on a small scale.

The average cost of producing 1kg of plantain flour in Nigeria is about N400, while the average retail price of 1Kg of plantain flour is around N600 – N1000 per Kg.

To start your own Plantain flour production business in Nigeria below are the requirement that must be in place.


You will need to choose a suitable location to start your Plantain Flour Production business in Nigeria.
Depending on the amount of startup at hand you can either rent a vacant factory space; buy a piece of land, rent, lease and build the structure where you will carry out production activities.

How To Start Plantain Flour Production Business In Nigeria

The most suitable location to site the plantain flour production factory should be close to source of getting raw material or close to where you can easily sell your product.


It is necessary you get your plantain flour production business in Nigeria registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC).
If don’t register your business, the government may come after you and tag it an illegitimate business. You can register a business name or as a limited liability company.
Below is information on How to register your Business in Nigeria with CAC.


They say “failing to plan is planning to Fail”
Therefore, it’s very necessary you carry out a comprehensive feasibility studies or a business plan before embarking on setting up your Plantain flour production business in Nigeria. Please Contact Us if you need a BUSINESS PLAN or FEASIBILITY STUDIES for this project.


You need factory workers, marketers, driver and other relevant staffs to assist you in running the day to day activities in your Plantain flour production business in Nigeria.


you need public supply of electricity from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) to power your machines and equipment, though not reliable. You also need a stand by generator say 100KVA and above incase electricity supply from PHCH fails.


Below are list of machines and equipment in Plantain flour Production processing.
Motorized Plantain Slicer
Cabinet Dryer
Vibro Sifter
Sealing Machine
Hammer Mill with Cyclone
Plantain Peeling Machine
Weighing machine


Plantain is the major raw material needed in plantain flour production process; Plantain is available all year round in Nigeria.
Top Plantain growing States in Nigeria include: Edo, Delta, Ondo, Rivers, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Abia, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Anambra, Enugu and Lagos.


To setup your plantain flour Production business in Nigeria, you need capital. You can use your savings or loan obtained from friends or a bank. The capital needed to start a small scale plantain flour production is about N25, 000,000. The estimated monthly profit is about 10%.
The amount stated above as capital will cover the cost of procurement of land, factory construction, furniture, vehicle, raw materials and purchase /installation of machines/equipments.


Below is process involved in Plantain flour production business in Nigeria.
1. Sorting the Plantain: This involves inspection of plantain fingers to identify and remove unsuitable ones i.e. spoilt, immature pulps e.t.c.
2. Weighing it: The sorted plantains are properly weighed to quantify input of the raw plantain.
3. Blanching process: The green plantain fruits are soaked in hot water for some minutes to soften the skin for easy peeling.
4. Peeling the plantain: The plantain peels are removed using a mechanical peeler or manually with sharp knives to obtain the pulp.
5. Slicing/Chipping process: The plantain pulp is sliced or chipped with the aid of a mechanical slicer.
6. Drying process: The sliced plantain is dried in a short time with the aid of an industrial drying machine.
7. Milling process: The dried plantain slices/chips are milled in a hammer mill.
8. Sieving process: The flour is sieved to obtain the desire particle size.
9. Packaging: The flour is packaged in moisture proof packaging material ready to be sold through Nigeria or for export.


For your Plantain flour to be widely acceptable through Nigeria, you need to get the approval of NAFDAC for packaged foods.
NAFDAC has to carry out through test on your product and inspect production facility to make sure they meet the required standard.
For NAFDAC Approval Please READ: How to Get NAFDAC Approval number for Plantain flour in Nigeria


After producing your plantain flour, the next thing is to make profit.
To sell your plantain flour, you need is take it to sellers of packaged foods in major markets, shopping malls in Nigeria and also create public awareness for your product through the use of radio,TV and Newspaper advertisement.


Please share this information and Stay Blessed.

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    I am interested in a detailed business plan/ feasibility study for plaintain flour production. Thanks

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