How To Get Contracts in Nigeria

Winning a lucrative government contact in Nigeria can make you an instant multi-millionaire.

Getting contracts in Nigeria is very competitive and below are things you must do to win that multi-million naira contract in Nigeria.

To bid and win a contract in Nigeria, your company must have an edge in terms of expertise/experience over other contractors bidding for the same project.
To win a contract in Nigeria you must put in place strategies that will help you out smart those corrupt government officials who demand for payment of bribe before awarding contracts.
How To Get Contracts in Nigeria – Important Requirements
To bid and win a contract in Nigeria, you must make sure you meet the requirement for Bidding and Winning for the different types of Contracts in Nigeria listed below.


Companies/Contractors/Persons wishing to transact business with any Nigerian Ministry, Commission, and Parastatals etc shall be expected to have necessary competence and possess the under-listed before any business can be transacted with them:
1. Certificate of Company’s Incorporation/Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
2. Company’s Current Three (3) Years Tax Clearance Certificate
3. Tax Identification Number
4. Evidence of National Identification Number Registration with NIMC by Company Directors who are Nigerians
5. Company’s Current Three (3) Years Audited Account
6. Certificate Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Compliance Certificate
7. Current PENCOM Compliance Certificate
8. Evidence of Successful Conduct of Similar Projects in the Past, not later than five (5) years from date of bidding
9. Sworn affidavit indicating that Company is not in Receivership nor any of its Directors involved or convicted of any fraudulent activity
10. Accompanying sworn affidavit of disclosure; to disclose clearly if any of the officers (or related persons) of the National Identity
11. Management Commission or the Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) is a former or present Director of the company
12. A sworn affidavit that the Company is not a replacement for a hitherto Tax defaulting Company
13. Evidence of Financial Capability and Banking Support
14. Current Evidence of Registration on the National Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers of the Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP)
15. Original Documents should be available for sighting on demand.
I’m sure if you are able to meet the above requirements; you can bid and win multi-million naira contracts from the Federal or State Government ministries and agencies in Nigeria.
Remain blessed
How To Get Contracts in Nigeria – Important Requirements
Below are the different Types of Contracts in Nigeria.
These types of contracts are handled by big companies in Nigeria and multi nationals.
Civil And Building Engineering – To Handle Major constructions projects like roads, major bridges, stadium constructions, oil refineries, major government buildings, construction of dams and hydroelectric power stations, etc.
Technical Consultancy – To provide consultancy on variety of areas eg: Structural integrity, engineering simulation, thermal hydraulics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), human factors, quality of materials, chemistry, corrosion, noise, engineering test rigs and trials, remote operations and inspection, measurement, laboratory analysis, etc.
Supplies And Finance – To handle the secure and manage the finance of projects. It is a critical aspect of contracts that is handled by the experts in finance management sectors.
The Subcontractors
These are the local independent contractors who handle some of the portions of the major contracts won by the major contractors. They can be classified as contractors to big companies because, the big companies get the major contracts from the Government, and in turn sub-contract some of the projects such as the supply of equipment to the subcontractors.