It is widely known that large organizations achieve good results thanks to the talent of leading employees, and personnel matters are very important since the human resource is the key to success; this is why the appointment of Mrs Victoria Osondu Adefala as an Independent Non-executive Director of GTBank head, is interesting news to their stakeholders. Keep reading to learn all about her merits and work experience.

About GTBank
Guaranty Trust Bank, which began operations in 1990, is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria. Over the years the company has accumulated a wealth of experience, adhered to practice of honesty, excellence, quality customer service, ethical communication, preserving the best traditions and making useful innovations. Its activities extend not only to Africa but also to Great Britain.

GTBank has recorded a steady growth over the years, growing their client base and improving financial performance. The bank has assets of N3.75 trillion, with shareholders investment grossing N538 billion. It also has over 10,000 employees from various cities of Nigeria and other countries.

To date, GTB is one of the most well managed and profitable projects in the banking industry in Africa.

Victoria Osondu Adefala
Mrs. Victoria Osondu Adefala
Why did GTBank PLC administration choose Mrs. Adefala?
The post was awarded to Mrs. Adefala in connection with her high professionalism, she has a working experience of over 24 years and has held positions in the following industries:

She has also made notable achievements in Houston, where she worked in the Chamber of Commerce of Africa, Alstom Nigeria, as well as Nigeria Limited.

GTBank Independent Non-Executive Director
In Alstom Nigeria, she served as Managing Director and President until 2016. Then she created WHITGIFT, a law firm, and became a managing partner. She has occupied important posts in the councils of many other famous organizations.

GTBank head office appoints Independent Non-Executive Director
Guaranty Trust Bank has provided official confirmation of this appointment, so let us wish Mrs Adefala good luck in her new position in GTB!
Source: Naij.com