A major Pension Fund Administrator in Nigeria , Leadway Pensure PFA, has launched an online benefits application solution .
Speaking to journalists , the Managing Director of the organization , Mrs . Ronke Adedeji , explained that the service was conceived in response to the need to provide her clients with true convenience. She stressed that clients from the comfort of their homes or offices can apply for 25% relief benefits and voluntary contributions .
Noting this feat as an industry first , Mrs. Adedeji said that careful thought had gone into the development of the solution bearing in mind the future direction of the pension industry .
She described the platform as one of the many steps Leadway Pensure PFA intends to take towards leveraging evolving technologies to bring value -added services to her Clients, in line with the organizations drive to deliver best in class pension services. When asked about the fear of other PFA ’ s imitating the technological feats of Leadway Pensure PFA, Mrs . Adedeji explained that the organization was not in any way worried about that as having others adopt these initiatives was a testament to the fact that they were value adding and in the best interest of RSA holders and the industry in general .
Speaking also on the upgraded Mobile app recently released by Leadway Pensure PFA, Adedeji explained that the online benefits application portal brought about the need to have a mobile version of this capability . “ This capability is also available on the Leadway Pensure Mobile App. A lot of thought went into the creation of the app to ensure a memorable and safe to use app . We are proud to say that in the end , we have delivered to our customers an App that can best be described as clean, fluid , functional and most importantly user friendly. ”
The online benefit withdrawal application is available to clients of Leadway Pensure PFA via the Leadway Pensure website or Mobile App on android play store and the Apple App store.