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‘My Adopted Son, Relatives Of President, Governors Were Once Rusticated’ – Bishop Oyedepo

The General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide International (Winners’ Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, has explained how his adopted son was rusticated from Covenant University.

Oyedepo who is also the Chancellor of Convenant University, also said the adopted son, the children of Governors and relatives of a Nigerian president were rusticated for failing to keep to the laid down rules.He said there was zero attention to character when Covenant University first started and there was a need to create a platform that helps enhance the character aspect of learning and it is showing today.

He said, “I must say this; Governors have come to pick their children from our campus. The daughter of our first Vice-Chancellor was rusticated from the University for one year, my adopted son was thrown out for one year at Covenant, so there is no white cow in the system and that makes everybody shake and fear.

“If I must mention it, one of our former Presidents had a relation that had a son rusticated and called me, I said I am sorry, I do not get involved, please talk to the Vice-Chancellor.
“He said can I have his number, I said no and we are still friends. Because the moment you make rules and you abide by the rules yourself, everybody is forced to follow, and that is what we are trying to do.

“We are in dire need of leaders in our country and we will be wishing till death until we start raising the kind of leaders we want by taking them through the principle of this kind of training so that they can be there to effect changes.”

Oyedepo said the rules of the University were drawn to raise people who would change their world.

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