Like in any developing nation, Nigeria has millions of talented citizens, many of which remain undiscovered due to inadequate resources to get their works published. The few who struggle to publish their works faces the challenges of promoting their works. As a result of this, even published writers and musicians end up like every other citizen who is yet to even get published.

Nigerian identical twin brothers and computer programmers, Chidi Nwaogu and Chika Nwaogu, are solving this challenge through their digital publishing platform Publiseer. Publiseer focuses on helping independent Nigerian authors and artists publish their books and music everywhere free-of-charge. Having founded and sold two successful and internationally recognized startup companies in the past, the Nwaogu brothers are set to take on the publishing industry. “Over the past years, we have come across several brilliant minds. Many are struggling writers and others are upcoming musicians. Despite the contrast in their fields, they all shared one thing in common; the chance to be everywhere,” the twin brothers told Innovation Village.
Meet The CEO Of Publiseer“Most talents die when their work lies around with them, unknown and undiscovered. Publiseer wants to give them their first step so that all they can worry about is getting their work marketed. And they don’t lose money marketing because their work is everywhere for everyone who is interested in it to purchase a copy,” said Co-founder Chidi Nwaogu to Disrupt Africa. “Many people in Nigeria live on a dollar per day and they cannot afford to publish their works. Usually, these works are breathtaking and these people are talented, but their talent wastes away because they don’t have the money to publish.”

According to a report from Tech Gist Africa, Publiseer is built upon the belief that every good work deserves to be published and released to the wider masses. In order to achieve this belief, the twin brothers created Publiseer, their platform that allows Nigerian writers and musicians publish their works on over 400 online stores across 100 countries, for free. As stated by StartUp Beat, a technology news blog based in Colombia, Publiseer provides independent Nigerian authors and artists with a chance to have their work seen by the entire world. Publiseer “allows said artists and authors to publish their work on Amazon, Play store and Apple store – free-of-charge.”

According to a review by Tech Next, “One of the biggest challenges creators face, in Nigeria, is the challenge of how to get their artworks to the right audience and buyer. Such challenge can suck out the creative juices and discourage creation; the start-up, Publiseer, seems to be stepping in to bridge the gap.” Seeing Publiseer is another good step in the digitisation of Nigeria, the publishing platform has a lot of potential of making a name for itself and being a go-to place for digital publishing within a short period of time.
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