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7 Foods That Have The Ability To Make You Look Younger And Fresher

While you may be spending a fortune on beauty products to look young, the foods you eat may help provide the glow you desire at a small price.

Eating well does a lot of magic to the body by boosting the immune system and making you look young and fresh through the smoothing of your wrinkles, giving your hair a glossy shine and strengthening flimsy nails.

Diet plays a significant role in how we age and the smart thing to do is to follow a smart approach that incorporates the building blocks of healthy skin and hair which includes, nutrients, minerals and fatty acids as well as antioxidants to protect your body from damaging environmental stresses into your foods. Here are foods that can give you the glow you desire.Walnuts
Walnuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E which are found in the natural oils that keep your hair hydrated and which helps to repair damaged follicles respectively.

Both minerals are the secrets behind having strong, lustrous strands and they can be found in high quantities in walnuts. More so, walnuts provide a rich dose of copper that helps to keep your natural colour rich. Research has shown that a deficiency of copper maybe a factor that makes people prematurely gray.

Avocados are rich sources of oleic acid which is an omega-9 fatty acid. This fatty acid helps the skin retain moisture in the outer layer to keep it soft, plump and supple.

We all know that coffee can help to jump start your day but you likely don’t know that it also contains bioactive compounds that may help protect your skin from melanoma.

According to a report published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the more coffee people drank, the less they had the risk of developing malignant melanoma over a 10-year period than non-coffee drinkers.

This fruit contains lycopene- (an antioxidant compound responsible for the colour of the fruit) which helps protect the skin from ultraviolet damage.

Researchers are of the opinion that watermelon contains up to 40 percent more of this phytochemical than raw tomatoes, which offers much more protection and the advantages of foods than sunscreens.

Your fingernails and toe nails are made up of proteins and a deficiency can make them become soft and brittle. To keep your nails thick and strong, you should eat eggs. Eggs are a good source of the B complex vitamin, biotin, which metabolizes amino acids -the building blocks of protein.

Berries help to boost skin radiance by supplying vitamin C and E. These two vitamins work as antioxidants, helping to brighten the skin, even out its tone and also fight off damage from free-radicals.

Lobsters are rich in zinc, just as shellfish also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to treat a number of skin issues such as acne. Zinc accelerates the renewal of skin cells, helping the skin to heal from pimples and acne.

This is the reason why a lot of medications used in the treatment of acne contains zinc. As a matter of fact, research has shown that people that have acne have lower levels of zinc than people with clearer skin.

This leafy vegetable provides a healthy dose of vitamin K which has been known to help promote healthy blood clotting, preventing the blood vessels around the eyes from leaking. It also provides loads of the mineral- iron, which can make your skin glow.

Insufficient levels of iron in your diet can cause your skin to look pale, making it easier to recognise blood vessels under your skin. To get maximum value from your kale, the vegetable is best eaten cooked, not raw. To max out the benefits, eat the veggie cooked, not raw.

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