Truly, there is ability in every disability. This is the touching story of 32-year-old Pius Abayomi Abiodun.
Before 3rd of April 2011, Abiodun was physically ok until a tragedy struck to change his story. He was hit by a hit and run driver while trying to fix his own bus that had a minor mechanical fault on Lagos Abeokuta expressway.

Sadly, after spending over N4million at the National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos, he had no hope of recovering his lost limb even as he the grim reality of how to tender to himself, a pregnant wife and daughter stared him in the face.

Pius, in his interview , recalled how his legs were amputated and how he never saw begging as an option, but to commit suicide because he could not imagine surviving in Nigeria without his two legs!
He decided to join other physically challenged sportsmen at the National Stadium, Surulere Lagos. Few days after, Pius was still not pleased with his environment because he wanted to do something related to his first love- which was driving a commercial bus.
Finally, he met Mr. Cosmas Okoli the owner of the Mobility Aid and Appliances Research and Development Centre, Amuwo Odofin area, Lagos.
Cosmas encouraged, empowered and pushed Pius to look for a car dealer that could give him a bus and he could pay on installments.
Pius succeeded in getting a dealer. Armed with his bus, he took the automatic Volkswagen Bus (Danfo) to Cosmas who fabricated some metals to the pedals, he simply called ‘LEGS.’
A closer look at the device built by Cosmas which cost N50,000, showing the break and accelerator pedals are both controlled by a long rod underneath the steering.
To apply speed, he pulls up the rod to his chest and to apply the break, he pushes the rod down. Pius has so mastered the use of his special device that most commuters who board his bus hardly notice the man behind the wheels has no legs.
Till date, Pius still plies his trade from Oshodi Terminus and people will always call him by his sobriquet, ‘Oni Mama’ which means: “One with a mother.”
In conclusion, Pius case is a good example of “No excuse for joblessness”. No matter who you are or where you are, there is a job for you somewhere. Don’t be lazy. Go find it now!
To find mega success, that is an amazing thing to behold. It takes a lot of strength and a complete no-fear attitude to go as far as driving a commercial bus without legs.