Ginger has many health benefits even otherwise. But the fact that ginger controls diabetes specifically is very good news for many who suffer from high blood sugar related complications. Diabetes type 2 patients are specifically benefited by ginger. Let us see how ginger helps diabetics.

Ways In Which Ginger Controls Diabetes:

Improves Digestion: In diabetes type 2, your pancreas stops producing sufficient insulin and thus sugar cannot be absorbed into your cells normally.

The pancreas also has digestive functions apart from secreting insulin and that too gets affected. As a result, you suffer from chronic indigestion. Ginger controls diabetes side effects like indigestion and irregular bowel movements. Good digestion and prevention of acidity is one of the many health benefits of ginger. This improves your quality of life.

Inhibits Cataract Progression: Losing your eyesight is one of the many fears associated with diabetes. An independent study conducted on diabetic mice showed that, ginger extracts not only help delay the formation of cataract but also delay the development of cataract in a patient who has already got it. The health benefits of ginger includes improving eyesight. So if you have diabetes, foods like ginger is on your must have list.

Absorbs Blood Sugar: The main trouble of diabetes is that foods that are broken down into sugar do not get absorbed into the body cells due to lack of insulin. According to a study conducted by University of Sydney, ginger helps the body’s cells absorb sugar without the help of insulin. This is a revolutionary discovery that would help control diabetes without insulin injections. The gingerols present in ginger control diabetes or the high blood sugar levels of an individual by aiding the absorption of sugar into the muscles.