See Why Your Smartphone Gets Hot And Drain Battery – Must Read

>> Leaving your phone directly to the sun, is not the only way your phone can get hot. Moreover, we are no longer in the summer and this doesn’t mean your phone cannot get hot when using it. There are many reasons and problems causing the phone to drain battery.

The main truth is that, there’s no true fact on why phone gets hot because many things causes it but it’s well known that metal devices usually get hot than glass devices by heat conductivity.We all use removable or non-removable battery and it can cause big problem to the smartphone, if it gets worse. It’s not safe to hold hot smartphone on your hand and at the same, still stay confortable pressing it.

It is normal for your phone to get hot a little when it does multiple tasks
If your phone gets hot above normal degree, there’s no cause for alarm. If it persists while running game or heavy applications, it’s still normal. After closing the apps for some time, and it still gets hot, then you can worry.

There are many reasons why your phone gets hot and they are: multi-tasking, having a too tight case (pouch), installing an unofficial ROM or using a charger in poor condition. It is not safe to charge your phone with a bad charger.

1. Unofficial ROM – For the installation of an unofficial ROM, it could possibly affect some part of the code which will make the processor not work well. It is recommended you install the official ROM or any other one you trust that won’t result in a problem.

2. Using a too tight pouch or case can cause your smartphone to get hot – Even though our phone doesn’t have cooling systems or fan, it does have an air vent, charging port and loudspeaker. Our phone will get hotter if all these are covered with case or pouch.

3. Leave your phone in dry places and don’t use it while charging – It may sound funny, but we have to be careful of where we put our phone. If you are used to placing your phone on top of the computer, on the television, under the bed lamp or on appliances like refrigerator or microwave definitely the temperature of your phone will increase and much more if it is in charge.

Generally, it is not advisable to use your phone while charging, since it will delay the charging and also increase the temperature which will put your phone at high risk.