Jet lag is a common problem among international travellers who fly different time zones in one flight. So, Like it or not, there is no cure for jet lag. However, there are many different measures you can take to deal with it. This is important since many people will be junketing from one destination to another in aeroplanes this festive season. As such, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares lifesaving tips for jet lag.Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of water during the flight. This will have a good effect on your entire body. Avoid downing caffeine and alcohol because they increase dryness and dehydration. In addition, apply moisturizing creams to avoid skin dehydration.

Understand jet lag

It becomes easy to prevent and treat jet lag if you understand the different reason(s) that cause it. A major reason is the time zone difference between the two airports. It is estimated that every one hour of the time zone difference will cause 1 day of sleep disruption before you get back to normal routine.

Adjust sleeping time in advance

Prepare yourself in advance for the new time zone sleeping schedule. If your flight time zone difference is 1-3 hours then a couple of days before the journey, you can shift your sleeping time according to the new time zone. Begin to sleep early or late depending on the time zone.

Don’t remain in your seat all through the flight

To reduce the consequences of jet lag, do not just sit in your seat throughout the flight. Endeavour to walk around. Go to the toilet and stretch your body.

Avoid last minute preparation

Being calm and relaxed before the flight is a hack you should have at your fingertips. What this means is that complete your preparations for the travel days in advance and arrive at the airport as early as possible.