The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) is planning a publication of 100 highly respectable personalities in the telecom and ICT sector in Nigeria.

ATCON said the idea was solely conceived to celebrate individuals, and corporate organizations that have contributed and still leading innovation and creativity in the industry through their personal and corporate efforts.

According to the President of ATCON, Olusola Teniola, it is believed that the publication would further encourage and inspire “us as an institution to continue to intensify our advocacy drive in the Nigerian telecom and ICT ecosystem.

It’s also a continuous protection of the existing investment with the sole aim of attracting further investment into the sector, as the proposed book is expect to chronicle all that these individuals and corporate organizations have done to grow the industry to where it is today, and what they still plan to do in order to speed up the needed future development.”

The Association said it has taken cognizance of some of the players in the industry that have led innovation and creativity in the sector and their respective creativities have continued to attract both local and international attention in terms of investible funds.

The proposed book is expected to have the following structure; the curriculum vitae (in an easy format) of the personalities; a brief historical background of how the company has led creativity in terms of the company’s services and products; and the future plans of the company with respect to innovation and creativity. It will also include the list of corporate social responsibility that the company has done in the past; the brief corporate profile and advert of the company and passport photograph of the personality in that organization.

The personalities will also have the opportunity to discuss briefly barriers that have constituted threats to creativity and innovation in the Nigeria telecom and ICT industry and proffer way forward

The book, which is expected to be delivered on March 30, will be distributed to the following outlets: embassies, universities, Federal and State Government agencies, public and private libraries; telecom and ICT International events and media houses.