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Checkout Fidelity Bank Online Internet Banking Transfer Codes & USSD codes

Fidelity Bank USSD codes

Fidelity Bank Online Internet Banking Transfer Codes & USSD codes – Famed as one of Nigeria’s biggest banking firm, Fidelity Bank is a fast-growing bank with its headquarters stationed in the ever-busy Lagos State. The bank made it to the NSE list sometime in May 2005 and ever since, it has grown to shoulder several financial responsibilities, including paying its yearly dividends.

With more than 400,000 distinctive shareholders, Fidelity is respected as one of the leading financial institutions in the Nigerian banking sector. The bank was formed in the year 1988, it started out as a merchant financial organization but it had its big break in 1999 when it was upgraded to a commercial bank. It was also in the same year that it became a Public Limited Company and was then re-branded to Fidelity Bank Plc.

The financial firm went on to acquire its Universal Banking License (UBL) sometime in February 2001, after which they received their International Banking License (IBL) also in 2001. Fidelity Bank recorded a total asset of $6+ billion (1+ trillion Naira) in 2013 and has continued to grow from one level of success to the other.

Fidelity Bank Nigeria Online Internet Banking

There are so many reasons why it is safe to maximize the bank’s internet banking service. Transactions such as funds transfer to Fidelity banks or other bank accounts, airtime purchase, bulk payments, foreign currency funds transfer, robust Bills Payment (e.g. DSTV, PHCN, Quickteller Merchants, Remita Billers, e.t.c.), uploading of one’s profile display picture, self-transfer without token response, are what users gain on the bank’s internet banking platform.

Fidelity internet banking is hassle-free and it works on any type of phone; be it Java, Symbian, IOS, or Android.

How to Register & Utilize Fidelity Bank Internet Banking Service

Click to Visit the Fidelity Bank Internet Banking webpage

Enter your username and password. If you are new, click on ‘register’.

Once you are logged in, go to the menu bar and select ‘transaction’ to choose the actual transaction you want to carry.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Codes

As a fast-growing financial institution, Fidelity Bank has achieved a lot within the banking circle. One of the bank’s most laudable feats is the Fidelity transfer service code.

The platform is structured in a way that allows clients to conveniently transfer money from their account to fidelity accounts and other banks. Besides its convenience, there are other amazing benefits customers enjoy on the platform.

With the bank’s transfer codes, it is very easy to make transactions and carry out activities such as BVN and email update, bills payment, money transfer, airtime recharge, check account balance, and more. Interestingly, these activities do not require an internet service.

To start using the Fidelity Bank transfer code, simply follow the steps:
  • Dial *770# on your phone
  • choose 1 from the on-screen command
  • Enter your fidelity bank NUBAN account number
  • Generate your 4-digit PIN to authorize transactions

How to Navigate:

To send money to any account, dial *770*Account*Amount#. For instance, *700*3498623086*20000#. Follow the on-screen command and enter your 4-digit PIN to complete the transaction.

To buy airtime, dial *770*Amount#. For instance, *770*2000# and send. To buy airtime for a third party, simply press *770*PHONE*AMOUNT#

You can also confirm your Fidelity Bank account balance by simply dialing *770*0#.

To withdraw money from the ATM card without a debit card, dial *770*8*AMOUNT#. For instance, *770*8*10000#. After dialing the figures mentioned, follow the on-screen prompts, generate a one-time PIN (OTP) and then input your PIN to get a Paycode directly from your Fidelity account. It is this pay code that you will use to withdraw your money.

Once you get to the ATM, input your PIN, OTP, Phone number, Paycode, and amount to withdraw your cash.


NB: The Fidelity Bank transfer code can be accessed by all fidelity bank account holders and service is available to use 24 hours every day. To utilize the service, you must be a registered customer. The service is open to MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel subscribers. Lastly, customers are not allowed to exceed N200,000 daily from their phone. Also, the maximum amount of airtime purchase they can get per day is put at N20,000.