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See Six Reasons Why You Should Attend Private Universities In Nigeria

How are you confused about whether to attend public owned or privately owned University in Nigeria? If yes, then kindly see below Six Reasons Why You Should Attend Private Universities In Nigeria.

1. Amazing Network & Cult like Alumni: Whether you hope to look for a job post graduation or establish a company, private universities offer you a rich resource in your classmates, friends as the first point of call. Most alumni networks deliberately perpetuate and facilitate the growth of their school mates in various industries.
2) Preparedness For The Work Place: most private universities are well known to groom graduates for an easy transition to corporate Nigeria. It’s no news that young private universities with relatively lesser number of graduates are dominating the corporate sector. From PwC, KPMG to Access bank it’s clear that graduates of private are favoured for these jobs. 
3) A place of Incubation: while public universities are trailed with tales of adolescents who miss it at young age – Internet fraud(yahoo yahoo), Abortions, Partying. Many private universities offers you a place where peer pressure has been silenced to a large degree to allow you discover yourself and grow out your impressionable years. At graduation you would be more matured to make informed decisions about your life. There is nothing remarkable about living a reckless life in the name of enjoying life only to bear bitter consequences later on life. Some might point out to certain events where private university students equally behaved immoral. However, this is rather exceptions than the norm.

4) Comfortability & Safety: Who would pass over quality on-campus residency with electrical, transport, medical and security services for a leaky room in Unilag?
A lot of people from public varsities wrongly pride In stressful education. But you know, with all the stressful education they had they’ve failed to make Nigeria a better place for many decades they exclusively produced graduates. You also know that the founders of Facebook, Google, Microsoft where all product of an elite private education system US. Therefore there is obviously no correlation between stress and creativity or progress.

5) Diversity: While public university grads continue to make snarky unintelligible correlation between private universities and secondary schools – It would be important to note that the private higher education sector is more diverse than the public ones.
For deep seated Christians, Church Universities are available to cater for their academic and spiritual needs.
Islamic universities cater for Muslims academically and spiritually.
For socially active kids universities such as Igbinedion, Baze, Nile, AUN, PAU etc offer awesome social activities in addition to top notch education.

6) Better Scholarship Opportunities Post Graduation
As an implication of aforementioned points, Graduates of private varsities are likely to graduate with better grades because of a suitable system that encourages excellence. This becomes crucially important when jostling for scholarship opportunities when applying to schools outside Nigeria.

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