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See How Researchers Are Helping African Farmers Move Out Of Poverty

The Pest Risk Information Service(PRISE) is a system developed by scientists in the United Kingdom, to help farmers get better yields, and harvests.

PRISE combines temperature data with weather forecasts, and computer models to tell farmers of a looming pest infestation that may decrease the farmers’ yield.

A mobile phone alert is sent to farmers in order for them to take precautions ahead of time.

It is currently operational in Ghana, Zambia, and Kenya, and will soon be available in other parts of the world.

A harvesting spree

PRISE is an Aid scheme for agriculture, run by a group of highly skilled scientists for the Centre for Agriculture, and Bioscience International development(CABI) charity.

A network of plant doctors are used to check possible problems, through the use of microscopes.

The plant doctors draw up a database of possible pest problems on a farm, and prescribe pesticides, and other methods to get rid of pests.

18.3 million farmers from 34 countries across Asia, Africa, and Americas.

African countries have been helped around the world, while there’s an average of 13% yield from those who use the app.

The United Kingdom’s Chief Scientific Adviser for the Department for International Development, Charlotte Watts has revealed there are systems being built, to help prevent infestations, and not mitigate as the PRISE.

She says the idea was initiated by CABI, and the United Kingdom Space Agency(UKSA).

While farmers are being helped to make better yields, and growth, it is also an opportunity for many to move out of poverty.

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