2019 Healthy Drink trends (Rumble Super Shake)

Nutrition is a crucial aspect of healthy living. Everything we drink and eat reflects on mental and physical performance, including our recovery from injuries and our energy. You have previously heard about healthy food trends that fitted into more areas of people’s lives. However, beverages are also crucial for healthy living and apart from water; there are many other beverages that are known for their nutritional values that include the rumble drink.

In this post, we will discuss the healthy drink trends of 2019 that will play a significant role in making the population healthy in the coming years.

#1 Functional Waters

Now, this is not the regular RO water that you drink in your home. Functional waters come with added health benefits. The nutritional extracts from fruits, herbs, and other vitamins and minerals are added to the regular water to make it nutrition-rich. The water we drink today are do not contain all the minerals and essential nutrients due to the reverse osmosis technique used for filtration of water. RO water is pure distilled water without minerals. It is not bad for your health as it removes poison chemicals from the water as well. Functional waters put a rest to this dilemma. These waters are chemically altered to bring health benefits. There are different types of functional waters sold based on their properties; that is, some functional waters have increased amounts of oxygen for providing energy, while some have increased amount of hydrogen content that can help fight conditions like inflammation. On the other hand, some manufacturers are infusing normal water with fruit juice, oils, spices, and other natural flavors like maple sap, pineapple juice, birch tree extract, rose water, mint, and turmeric. The increasing concerns regarding the contamination of tap water and RO water being completely filtered out of all the minerals are what led to the creation of functional waters.

#2 Protein Beverages

Protein beverages have been turning out to be a popular beverage category these days given that people nowadays are heading towards a healthy choice of living. Protein helps in building lean muscle, aids in muscle recovery and repair, and has been a favorite beverage among gym goers and athletes. Recently, the manufacturers have been selling protein beverages to non-athletes. People who aren’t getting enough nutrition from food due to their hectic schedule are enjoying protein beverages like Rumble Supershake drinks that have appropriate amounts of protein and other nutritional elements. It can help common individuals to get past a hectic day with ease. As compared to the standard protein shakes available for athletes and gym goers, the protein content in these beverages are less, which makes it easier for people who don’t work out to digest the protein without any complications.

#3 Gut-friendly Beverages

Digestive health is a much-discussed wellness topic these days as most of the health problems are linked to the gut. For starters, our immune system health is dependent on our gut health, so it is imperative for individuals to keep their gut health intact. Probiotic beverages and fermented beverages have gained a widespread appeal in the past few years. Kombucha, for example, is a fermented probiotic tea, that has chia seeds, fruit juice, and other flavoring components added after the fermentation process. Other popular fermented beverages that are good for gut health includes Kefir, which is made from milk, and beverages based on raw apple cider vinegar. These drinks promote the health of good bacteria in our gut. These beverages are extracted from fiber-dense foods that are good for the digestive tract. Probiotic drinks are less well-known even though they are in the frame for quite some time. 2019 is said to be the year for fermented beverages as more and more people are getting exposed to its health benefits.

#4 Nootropic Beverages

Nootropics are supplements, or you can say a type of nutrient that helps in improving the brain functionality and health. Manufacturers use synthetic nootropics like taurine, iodine, theanine, and choline in the beverages. Some of the manufacturers even use natural nootropics. Natural nootropic is extracted from kava kava, ginseng, and grape seed. With the general populace getting to know the harmful effects of caffeine, they are turning towards nootropic beverages that provide mind-enhancing and energy boosting effects without the detrimental effects of caffeine-rich beverages and energy drinks.

#5 Collagen-infused Beverages

Collagen is the main structural protein found in our skin. The collagen-infused drinks and beverages are believed to benefit joints, muscles, hair, and skin. Collagen has been long used as the main ingredient in beauty supplements and products, and therefore, the manufacturers are infusing this protein in beverages as well. Because collagen is tasteless, odorless, dissolves easily, and is stable in a solution, it is ideal for use in foods and beverages.

Final Words

There is a whole host of creative, new drinks available for people in 2019. They all come with added health benefits apart from quenching the thirst.