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See All You Need To Know About Magun, The Yoruba Charm That Prevents Extra-Marital Affairs

There is a charm in the South-Western part of Nigeria Called Magun that discourages extra-marital affairs. Get details about magun below.

Somewhere in the heap of human interest stories are strange tales of magun that condemns a cheating wife or woman and her lover to public ridicule or death.Magun is a charm that originates from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria.

It literally means “do not climb.” Magun has been used for centuries to catch a wife who has an extra-marital affair or to put a promiscuous woman in check. Some parents are known to put magun on their daughters to discourage pre-marital $ex and ward off rapists.

In most circumstances, the charm is put on a woman without her knowledge. A stick of broom or thread is usually placed on the floor for a woman to unknowingly walk over it. Once she works over the thread or broom stick, the charm takes its effect.

Now there are different sorts of magun. The three most famous ones are;

1) a woman and her lover stick like glue during the process of $ex. The man cannot detach himself from the woman. This sometimes leads to death and in some cases a public humiliation of the stuck couple.

2) In another variation when a man sleeps with a woman who has magun on her, he starts to crow like a rooster. It is said that the man would crow for three times and by the third time he would end up dead.

3) Another popular variation of magun is that of the man somersaulting three times. Just like the chicken magun, when the man somersaults the third time he ends up dead.

As crazy as magun sounds, there are many stories of the charm dooming lovers. In 2015, in Cross River State,.

Magun is popular in Nigeria. In 2001, revered Nigerian filmmaker Tunde Kelani released a movie called “Thunderbolt: Magun” which dwelt on the mystery of the charm.

Even with the popularity of magun, it really hasn’t stopped or slowed down extra-marital affairs. Not many people have what it takes to do such a bold move.

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