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Photos/Video: Piers Morgan screams as he experiences labour pains

Piers Morgan experienced the feeling of labour pains through a simulation machine on Good Morning Britain today.

The presenter, 54. who has previously admitted that he suffered during the birth of his daughter, was put to the test as he was attached to a TENS machine.
‘It’s a tough old ordeal for men, too,’ he told co-star Susanna Reid, before undergoing the experiment. ‘It’s the constant ferrying of coffee, papers, magazine, and making all the calls.’

‘I became perilously close to missing a big Arsenal European game. I had to negotiate it and ended up watching it in the delivery room.’

The segment of the show asked whether men suffer in silence during their partner’s labour and whether they can stand the real pain of childbirth.

But as the electrical impulses started, it wasn’t long before the father-of-four was gritting his teeth, screaming, and begging for the ‘agony’ to stop.

Stefan, a scientist from the Netherlands, had attached four sticky pads to Piers’ stomach which were hooked up to the machine.

‘You send electrical impulses to those patches,’ explained Susanna. ‘Around the 50-60 mark is similar to the beginning of childbirth, or the first contractions.’

And viewers were left in hysterics when the presenter yelped out and asked ‘woah what number is that?’ – before being told it was ‘zero.’

Starting at twenty, he let out a yelp and admitted ‘that’s already uncomfortable,’ before being reminded by Susanna: ‘Remember, you have to stay at home during this period of time, you’re not even allowed to go into hospital.’

With the pain getting too much, Piers decided to stand up but as the strength of the impulses were notched up to forty, he screamed, before joking: ‘I’ve got to dig deep and man up!’

And by the time the gadget had increased to sixty to replicate the beginning of childbirth, Piers couldn’t take any more and shouted: ‘that’s enough.’

Kate Garraway, who watched the experiment from the back of the set came running on and explained to Piers how ’65 is the early level of contractions before a woman is given gas and air’.

‘Would you like to apologise?’ Susanna asked.

‘On balance, the women of Great Britain, I probably owe you a slight apology,’ he admitted. ‘I’m very glad we don’t have to go through this.’

‘I’ve got to say that was agony. If that’s what you honestly go through, my respect for women, in terms of childbirth, has gone through the roof.’

He added: ‘That was painful. I’m never again going to make any comment about childbirth. That was absolute torture.’

‘If every man did that for five minutes, we’d never joke about childbirth ever again. it was absolute agony. That’s put things into proper perspective.’

watch video below

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