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See How Russian Man Turned Bentley Continental GT Into The World’s Most Luxurious Tank – Video

Geniuses from the popular Russian YouTube channel AcademeG,which has 3.5million subscribers ,have replaced a Bentley Continental GT coupe’s wheels with tank-like tracks, creating a formidable machine they call the Ultratank – what a perfect name for this luxurious beast.

This Ultratank,which many believed to be the most luxurious tank on the Planet, is able handle steep grades and off-road driving.

Speaking in a video uploaded to their channel on May 9, the presenter of AcademeG, declares that they have accomplished success with a crucial part of the project.

There is still work for the Russian specialists to do on the Ultratank – there are no doors yet, so dust and debris comes off the moving tread and into the cabin.

The brake pedal also doesn’t currently work. The Russians said it will be added later, but for now the steering wheel is being used to slow the vehicle down.

There are also power train tweaks to make. The specialist wants the Ultratank to be able to reach 62 miles per hour ,but it currently tops out at around 31 mph .

What Do You Think About The Ultratank? 

Watch Video below

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