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How to Start Profitable Egg Supply Business in Nigeria

Do you know you can generate huge income on daily bases for yourself through egg supply business in Nigeria?Egg supply business is a very profitable venture that has made some few Nigerians I know millionaires.You will not regret doing Egg supply business because majority of people in Nigeria consumes Egg.  Also according to medical experts, Eggs are good source of protein and vitamin A needed to maintain a healthy body on daily bases.

The business involves sourcing Eggs from the numerous Poultry farms  scattered all over Nigeria and supplying them to individuals, shopping Malls, supermarkets, hotels, small shop owners and food companies.

You can start egg supply business in Nigeria with N100, 000 or above as startup capital, it all depends on the quantity you want to buy.

A crate of Egg of size eggs cost N500 while a crate of big size eggs cost N700 in most poultry farms in Nigeria.

Imagine you buy a crate of big size eggs at N700 and sell at N850 to N1000, just do a rough calculation of how much profit you stand to make from sales of 100 crates and above.

How to Start Profitable Egg Supply Business in Nigeria

As a small scale egg supplier, you can make profit up to N50, 000 to N500, 000/month and you can make millions doing large scale egg supply business

Requirements for Starting a Profitable Egg Supply business in Nigeria

The requirement needed to start egg supply business or egg distribution business is as follows.

  1. Get your business registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC)

You can register your egg supply business either as an enterprise/Venture or limited liability company. To register please visit the nearest Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) office in your state.

  1. Source for startup capital/Finance

You can source your startup capital for egg supply business in Nigeria either through personal savings, contribution from family members and loans from friends. Also you can source loan from the Bank of Industry or any Micro Finance bank in Nigeria.

  1. Rent a Small Shop in a suitable location where you can store or you can operate from your home.
  2. Buy empty egg trays/crates, plastic basins and other egg handling equipments
  3. Buy or hire a vehicle for use in moving your eggs easily from the farm and to point of supply.
  4. Indentify a target market, individuals, hotels, shopping mall, restaurants, cosmetics companies and food companies that will buy your eggs.
  5. Locate a Poultry farm closer to you that sell large quantities of Eggs at cheap price.

I believe after going through this article, you now have enough information on How to Start Profitable Egg Supply Business in Nigeria.

See you at the top as you implement the idea on How to Start Profitable Egg Supply Business in Nigeria.

Remain blessed

Ojo Otaru

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