How to Start Pepper Export Business In Nigeria


Are you looking information on how to export Pepper Business in Nigeria to earn foreign exchange in Dollars, Euros and Pounds?

If yes is your reply, then I will urge to read this post to the end, because in it you will find useful information and practical steps that will help you start Pepper Export.

Pepper is a popular spice, also known as the “King of Spices”, pepper is the most important spice traded internationally and one of the earliest commodities that was traded between the Orient and Europe because of its high medicinal and food value.


The different varieties of pepper grown worldwide; are Black pepper,Red pepper,Green pepper, Yellow pepper, White pepper etc.

All of these Pepper plant mentioned above contains, medicinal properties like vitamins like Vitamin A and C, potassium and folic acid, that helps prevent cell damage, cancer, ageing diseases and boosts the body’s immune system.


Pepper plant is cultivated in large quantities by many farmers in Nigeria especially in northern Nigeria. Pepper can be found virtually in every local market in Nigeria either dried or fresh.

Aside Nigeria, other major producers of Pepper includes Brazil, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

How to start Pepper Export Business In Nigeria

International Demand for Pepper

The demand for Pepper in the international market has gone up significantly because the plant is now being used in drugs and food manufacturing processes.

Pepper extract is used as raw material for producing drugs and foods by many companies in America, Germany, many countries in Europe and Middle East these are the major importers of Pepper.
In the international market Pepper is very high demanded and therefore opportunities exist for new comers who want to start Pepper export business. Even some small scale Pepper packaging industries have sprung up in many parts of Nigeria where Pepper is now been dried and package for sale locally and for export abroad.

Pepper is sold in the international market at the rate of between $2,500- $4000/metric ton while in Nigeria it’s sold for around N120, 000/ton. Just do a rough estimate and see how much profit you stand to make if you can get a buyer one or more tonnes of Pepper.

Please note. The price of Pepper in the local market in Nigeria may vary, but you can get it cheaper if you deal with farmers in the villages.

How to start Pepper Export Business In Nigeria

Indeed Pepper export business in Nigeria is a hot cake and only very few people have discovered it.

That’s why the Nigerian export promotion council has step up its campaign to enlighten more Nigerians on the need to embrace the non oil export business opportunities in the country.

The non oil export sector a veritable means of diversify the Nigerian economy from been crude oil dependent thus reducing poverty in the country.

You can become an exporter of Pepper and start making some cool cash into your bank account.

Capital Needed To Start Pepper export business in Nigeria

Exporting of Pepper from Nigeria, will pay you a lot because the demand for Pepper is high,  the international market price is favorable and with less than N200,000 startup capital is needed.

So make up your mind fast to become an export of Pepper and other agricultural products from Nigeria because others have already started making huge profit by exporting agricultural products from Nigeria to the international market.

To start and make money from Pepper export business in Nigeria, you need to get more information on the following.
How to Contact foreign buyers of Nigeria Fresh Pepper.
How to get them to sign export contract with you.
How to contact of local exporters in Nigeria.
How to make money from export brokerage business right in your room without capital.
Where to source for cheap Fresh Pepper in Nigeria.
Method of payment recognized in export business.
Export business documentation.
How To Obtain Export License from the Nigerian export promotion council (NEPC)

These and many more information I have packaged in a pdf manual to enable you start easily.

To order a copy of the PDF manual on Fresh Pepper export please pay (USSD Cash Transfer) to

The sum of N5000 only to any Gtbank,
A/C. Number:001-030-8742,

After payment text your name, ur e-mail address to
08081632025 and immediately a copy of the export manual (PDF) will be sent to your email box.

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