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How snacks making changed my life

Like many entrepreneurs, Adeshina Temitope knew she was cut out for business.

Her words: “I thought of something to add to my income while teaching since I have the skills before gaining admission into higher institution. I found out that it is better for me to start something, that with time, hardwork and patience, it will grow bigger.”

She started with snacks with a leap of faith. Raising capital, however, proved challenging. She was able to raise N8, 000.

Since then, the business has grown with the net worth hitting N70,000.

The business is helping her pay fees and earning a living.  She said: “I thank God because the business has been helping me, because I don’t worry about textbooks, practicals, school levies, though my parents support me.

“I don’t really have  workers, but I have roommates that are very supportive; so, it makes the work easier.”

For her, confidence and courage were keys to her survival.

She aims to eliminate the dilemma between eating well and eating fast. All items are prepared  each morning.

She is passionate about food and even more passionate about people. She doesn’t only make snacks and cakes more accessible, but also ensures that the ingredients are carefully sourced.

She has been a major inspiration for youths. Her advice for young people struggling to figure out their life purpose: “It takes focus and intention to listen to your heart and figure out what makes you thrive. Once you’ve figured out that part, it’s simply having the courage to take. My advice to any young entrepreneur is to be determined; when you are determined your goals will be easier to accomplish as determination leads to success,’’ he said.

The biggest challenge she faced was getting retail buyers to move beyond their initial disbelief that anything good could come from street food vendors.

She has other challenges. “My failure has been on the quality of the snacks, at a point I decided to reduce the quality to gain more profits but customers noticed and complained. I learnt that you don’t compromise on the quality rather you improve on it that is, quality but not quantity.”

The business has had pressure on her too. “What sacrifice have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?

Am currently schooling, during the holiday that am supposed to go home, I always stay back to run my business because I believe my punctuality and consistence will help my business grow.”

Her passion, network of people, professionalism and her ability to pivot were keys to her success.

She has such amazing people to fall back on — family, friends, people in the industry. She asked tonnes of questions and loves learning from people.

In 10 years, she sees her self having a big outlet with different sections such as   snacks, cake, cocktail and other things.


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