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How To Transfer Money Via Polaris Bank USSD Code

Polaris Bank Money Transfer USSD Code

Polaris Bank formally known as Skye Bank is one of the top banks in Nigeria making use of the USSD code for its mobile money transfer service.

In this post, you will learn how to use the Polaris Bank USSD Code to transfer money (*833#) without stress from your Polaris bank account to account holders of both Polaris bank and other banks in Nigeria.

Polaris Bank Money Transfer USSD Code

Also, you will learn how to use Polaris Bank USSD Code to pay bills, recharge your mobile phone airtime, Update your BVN Profile and check your account balance instantly and other benefits of the Polaris Bank USSD Code as listed below.

Benefits of Polaris Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

With the Polaris Bank USSD Code, you can transfer money directly from your mobile phone

The whole process is secured with a special PIN

The Polaris Bank USSD Code service runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

No need for an internet connection

The Polaris Bank USSD Code service works on all mobile phones

With Polaris Bank USSD Code, you can transfer up to 500,000 Naira per day

Instant notification after every transaction

Steps on How To Transfer Money Using Polaris USSD Transfer Code

Making use of the Polaris USSD Transfer Code service is very easy, all you need is to know through this post the various USSD codes assigned to each banking service offered by Polaris bank on its Mobile banking platform.

To Transfer, Money Using Polaris Bank USSD Code steps to follow.

To make inter and intra bank funds transfer using Polaris bank USSD code below:

  • Dial *833*amount*account number#
  • Follow prompts
  • Or
  • Dial *833#
  • Select 6
  • Enter Account Number
  • Enter 4 digit PIN
  • Enter Amount
  • Click Send

Please Note: transferring money between two Polaris bank Accounts will cost you 10.50 Naira with value-added tax included.

Also: Transferring Money from Polaris Bank to other banks will attract a fee of 52.50 Naira.

Special Features of  Polaris Bank  *833# Mobile Code.

  • Money Transfer.
  • Recharge Airtime.
  • Check Account Balance.
  • Bills Payment.
  • Hotlist Debit Card.
  • Pay with MasterPass.
  • Update BVN Profile.
  • Open an Account.

How to Transfer Money Using  Polaris Bank USSD code

Polaris bank transfer USSD code allows you to transfer money from your account to another Polaris bank account and also to other Nigerian bank accounts like Gtbank, Ecobank, Zenith bank, Access bank, FCMB, etc.

To transfer money using the Polaris Bank USSD code use the details below.

  • Press dial on your mobile phone this USSD code: *833*Amount*Account Number# using the phone number registered to your Skye bank account.
  • Complete the transfer using your transaction PIN.

You will be notified of successful or failed transactions.

Or, you can dial this USSD code on your phone: *833# >> 3 to transfer funds >> Amount >> beneficiary’s bank >> Account number >> PIN.

Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code: Self & Others (Third Party).

To recharge your registered Polaris bank phone number or other phone numbers, follow the steps below.

Self Recharge.

Recharge airtime on the phone number associated with your account with the code below.

  • Dial *833*Amount#.

Your airtime will be topped up in a matter of seconds.

Recharge other phone numbers: Third (3rd) Party Recharge.

To buy airtime for other numbers, use the Polaris bank recharge code below.

  • Dial *833*Amount*Phone Number#.
  • Complete the transaction using your authentication PIN.

That’s it on Skye bank airtime recharge code.

Polaris Bank Account Balance USSD Code (*833*6#)

The code allows you to check how much is left in your Polaris bank account.

  • Dial *833*6#.

You will be charged 10 – 11 Naira for this transaction.

Polaris Bank Charges & Daily account Limit.

  • Transfer Limit: Maximum of 50,000 Naira daily.
  • Recharge Limit: 5,000 Naira daily and 20,000 Naira monthly.
  • Transfer Charges: 52.5 Naira for transfer to other banks and 10.5 Naira to other Polaris bank accounts.
  • Bills Payment Charges: N53 (LLC & Bet9ja) – 105 (PHCN & DStv) Naira.
  • Recharge Charges: Free.
  • Network Charges: 1 – 5 Naira per transaction. You will receive Connection problems or Invalid MMI code errors if you have no airtime.

Other Polaris Bank USSD Codes.

  • Open Account: *833*1#.
  • Bills Payment: *833*2# >> follow the on-screen prompt.
  • Hotlist ATM Card: *833*4# >> follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Pay with MasterPass: *833*7#.
  • Change PIN: *833# >> 9 or * >> 1 to change PIN.


Please take note that to change the USSD code and reset the PIN, you need to contact the Polaris bank customer care agent using any of the contact phone numbers listed below.

Tel : 070075932265, 08069880000, 014482100, 012705850.

Remain blessed

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