Corn Flakes Production Business In Nigeria: Startup Guide

Corn flake is a popular nutritious breakfast cereal loved by all in Nigeria; it’s made from a combination of maize or Corn, sugar, vitamins and flavor.


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The demand for Corn flakes over the years in Nigeria has steady increased due to the large population of the country. But currently the existing demand for the product is not been matched with aggressive supply because only two major companies controls Corn flakes business in Nigeria.

So, if you are here on Businessfinancedaily.com in search of a profitable business in Nigeria to start, I will advise you consider Corn Flakes production business.

Corn Flakes Production Business In Nigeria: Startup Guide

Reasons why you should consider going into Corn flakes production are as follows.

  • There is high demand for Corn flakes in Nigeria and neighboring West African countries. ( The retail price of Corn Flakes in Nigeria ranges from N50 for 25g satchel pack, N700 for 0.5kg pack and N1,500 for 1kg pack)
  • Only few companies produce Corn flakes in Nigeria.
  • All the raw materials (Maize, Sugar, Vitamins and Flavor) needed for Corn flakes production are readily available in Nigeria.

With the reasons stated above, I’m sure any serious investor can make it big in Corn flakes production business in Nigeria. So if you agree with me and you are ready to tap into this golden opportunity, I urge you to follow the step by step setup requirement for Corn flakes production business in Nigeria as stated below.


To succeed in any business, it is always advisable that before you start you need to do thorough research about the business and then write a comprehensive business plan. The Corn flakes production business plan should contain important information that will guide and help you take the right steps towards achieving success in the business.


To conduct business freely in Nigeria, it’s required by law that you register your Corn flakes production business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Refusal to register means you are operating an illegal business which will prompt relevant government agencies to take legal action against you.

So please try and get your Corn flakes production business registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and preferably register a Limited liability company.


The initial capital required for setting up a Corn flakes production business in Nigeria varies depending on the production capacity of your plant. For small scale setup you need less capital while for large scale you will need more capital.

To setup a of 3MT production capacity Corn flakes factory in Nigeria you need about N30 million. The amount covers cost of equipment; plant building/facilities, raw materials and operational cost and miscellaneous expenses.

Corn flakes production business in Nigeria is capital intensive, so if you lack the needed startup capital, I will advice you approach your bank for a loan.


For smooth operation it will be nice very, if you site your Corn flakes production business close to source of getting Corn flakes production raw materials and market where you can quickly sell your product.

The land purchased in the chosen location should be spacious enough to accommodate your Corn flakes production factory, offices and also a space for a ware house to store finished goods.


To setup your Corn flakes business in Nigeria, you will need to visit any reputable machine dealer and purchase the machines/equipment needed to start your business. The Corn flakes Production plants generally come with the integrated machines. It is a complete process you can get from several machines. Below is, a list of machines/equipment required to start Corn flakes production business in Nigeria.

  • Corn Storage Facility (Silo)
  • Mixers
  • Coating Machine
  • Packaging Machine
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Air classifiers with all accessories
  • Separator
  • Storage Bins
  • Weighing Balance
  • Rotary steam cooker
  • Agitator or lump breaker
  • Pan cooker or steamer
  • Germs Separator
  • Heavy flaking machine
  • Rotary oven
  • Conveyor
  • Screening and cooling Equipment
  • Boiler Cap
  • Shifter

The main raw material for Corn flakes production (Hybrid yellow and white Maize or Corn) is readily available in the country; in fact Nigeria is one of the top producers of Maize (Corn) in the World.

Also other raw materials needed to produce Corn flakes e.g. Cocoa powder; Salt, Sugar and flavors are all widely available in Nigeria.

Furthermore, you will need to procure some Corn flakes packaging consumables, because packaging plays an important role in several aspects in the production.

E.g. Product appearance, its shelf life, also you must provide a lucrative and moisture-proof packaging to get the best result.


To get high return on your investment you will need to employ skilled machine technician/engineers, admin staff, accountant and effective sales men and women.

For example, the job of the engineer/ technician will be to ensure the production line machines and equipments are well maintained for peak performance while other employees are to perform their individual assigned duties that will help make the business profitable.


Corn flakes production process revolves around three basic stages and they are as follows.

Cleaning the Corn or Maize

Corn grit section

Final production process stage.

  • Corn Grain Cleaning Stage:

The first stage in Corn flakes production process involves sorting, cleaning and polishing of the yellow or white corn (Hybrid) to free it from dirt, dust and foreign objects before storing in Silos.

  • Corn Grit Section Stage:

The second stage in Corn flakes production process involves milling the already polished corn grains to remove its germ and bran.

After removing the Corn germ and bran, next is to cook the grit in a rotary steam cooking machine under certain pressure. While still cooking the grit you will add the required flavored syrup of sugar, salt and water.

At this stage, the cooked grit will have around 35-38% moisture content.

  • Corn Flakes Section Stage:

Now the hot grits are transported from the cookers to large driers via a network of pipes. There the grits spend several hours in the hot-air driers in order to reduce their moisture content. The corn grits are milled using rollers, which squeeze the grits flat.

After which you transfer the flakes immediately to the rotary oven for roasting. The flakes are then coated with chocolate on demand and also sprayed with flavors, minerals to make them as nutritious as possible.

Note: According to Nutritionists, Nutritious Corn flakes must have a percentage composition as stated below.

Carbohydrates: 8 – 10%

Proteins: 9 – 7%

Starch: 50 – 60%

Fats: 10 – 0.15%

Water: Small quantity.

Sugar: 10%

Ash -3%

After that you need to inspect the roasted flakes to remove any substandard flakes and then transfer the corn flakes to the packing machine for final packaging in cartons and sachets ready for the market.


To make profit from your Corn flakes production business, there’s need to put in place effective distribution and marketing system for your product.

To make sales you will have create a serious public awareness by placing advertisements in Newspapers, Radio/TV and online social media platforms. Through these mediums you will be able to reach targeted consumers and the general public at large.


Corn flakes production business in Nigeria is indeed a very lucrative business; I believe through this article you now know the setup requirements, I hope to see you at the top as you implement the ideas to earn millions of Naira as profit.

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