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How To Start Shoe making Business In Nigeria (Practical Guide)

Start Shoe making Business In Nigeria.

Shoes apart from it being protection gear for the feet; it has become more of a fashion accessory worn to achieve a good sense of dressing.

Virtually everybody in the world today wears different types of shoes for different purposes, these vary from designer shoes, sports shoes, safety shoes, etc.

Start Shoe making Business In Nigeria

The high demand for School shoes, safety shoes, sports shoes, and fashionable shoes these days has really made shoe-making a very profitable business in Nigeria.
Starting a shoe-making business in Nigeria does not require too much startup capital, the basic thing you need is to have shoe-making skills, raise little startup capital, get shoe-making tools/equipment and find a suitable place where can start your shoe-making business.
How To Start Shoe making Business In Nigeria (Practical Guide)

Requirement for Shoe-making Business In Nigeria

Select Shoe Types To make (Niche)

As I stated above, people wear shoes for different activities such as Sports shoes for sports events, safety shoes for work, and fashionable shoes for the office and parties. So you need to properly select which type of shoe you would like to specialize in making to maximize profit.

Acquire Shoemaking Skills.

Skills acquisition is very important in achieving success in the shoemaking business. If you really want to make it big in your shoemaking business, it is advisable you go for training in shoemaking to learn the required basic skills. To get trained you would need to locate any good shoemaking business around and enroll there as an apprentice.

Get the Shoe Business Registered

Your Shoe making Business in Nigeria must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to avoid being penalized by agencies of government for operating an illegal shoe business.
So please make sure to get your Shoe business in Nigeria registered in with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and you can register as a venture, enterprise, or Limited Liability Company.

Raise Needed Startup Capital

The initial capital required for a small-scale Shoe making business in Nigeria starts from N100, 000 and above.
The startup amount stated above covers the cost of equipment, Shoe making raw materials, operational costs,s and miscellaneous expenses.

Purchase Shoemaking Tools

Below are the important tools you would need in your shoemaking business.
1) Filing Machine.
2. ) Saw Machine
3.) Needle
4) Knives
5) Scissors
6 ) Punches
7) Hammer
8) Shoe former
9) Shoe Model
10) Measuring tape
11 ) Player
12 ) Screwdriver

Find Suitable Location

Smallscale shoemaking business in Nigeria doesn’t require too much space to set up, so you can start by using any vacant space in your house and as your shoe business grows and with enough funds, you can then rent a bigger space to expand your shoe business in Nigeria

Purchase Raw Materials

Below are the basic raw materials needed for the shoemaking business in Nigeria
1. Leather materials (Animal skin) of different types and textures
2. Gum of different types
3. Sawing threads
4. Buckles
5. Pins
6. Shoe soles
7. Shoe Polish
8. Shoe Dye
9. Shoelace

Packaging/Branding Method

To distinguish your shoes from that of your competitors, it’s necessary you package them in boxes and then brand them. Packaging and Branding are all about creativity and it involves doing the following.
1. Create beautiful packaging boxes for your shoes
2. Give a name to your shoe
3. Stamp Symbols, logos, or labels on your shoes.

Marketing /Advertising Your Shoes.

To remain relevant in the shoemaking business in Nigeria, you will need to put in place good marketing strategies.
The marketing strategies should involve the use of online/offline advertisements to promote your shoemaking business to reach a large number of consumers.
How To Start Shoe making Business In Nigeria (Practical Guide)


Now that you know what it takes to start a profitable shoemaking business in Nigeria, I believe you would do the next thing which is take action.

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