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Startup Requirement for T-Shirt Printing Business in Nigeria

The making of printed T-shirts usually involves the transfer of certain designs on plain T-shirt materials either by using screen printing, heat transfer or Direct to Garment method.

T-shirt printing is a very profitable business in Nigeria; I believe you know that virtually everybody wears T-shirt because it is affordable and a casual dress that can be worn to any occasion.

Do you know you can make regular income in millions of Naira from the printing T-shirts for organizers of burial ceremonies, Birthday parties, School Events, Sports events, Church crusade and Carnival parades etc.?

T-Shirt Printing Business in Nigeria, Startup Tips

If you believe you can make huge fortune from T-shirt printing business in Nigeria, I will ask that you continue reading this article because through it you will know about the startup requirement for T-Shirt printing business and how to go about the implementing the idea.

T-shirt printing Business startup Requirement

Before going ahead to start your T-shirt printing business below is the basic requirement you need to put in place.

  1. Carry out Feasibility studies

To start T-shirt printing business in Nigeria you would need to carry a feasibility studies to determine how viable the business is in your city, the niche to chose, also to know the skills needed for setup and the startup capital required.

Choose a Niche

  1. Choose the Right Niche

The T-shirt printing business is very wide, so it will be advisable you start small with a profitable niche.

Capital Needed
  1. Startup Capital Required

The initial capital required for a small scale T-shirt Printing business in Nigeria, starts from N120, 000 and above.

The startup amount stated above covers cost of buying plain T-shirts, costing actual printing of designs on T-shirts and miscellaneous expenses

Find T-shirt Printing Company

  1. Find a reputable T-shirt Printing Company

To satisfy your customers’ in terms of quality, its good you find a reputable T-shirt printing company to give some professional touch to your designs at affordable price.

  1. Purchase Plain T-shirts at wholesale price from the Market

To make maximum profit from your T-shirt printing business, it’s good you provide the printing company the plain T-shirts on which to print your design. Letting the printer provide the plain T-shirts means he will share out of your profit.

Getting quality plain T-shirts to buy at wholesale price is not a difficult thing in Nigeria, all you need is visit major markets like Idumota market in Lagos, Onitsha main market in Anambra state and Aba market in Abia state, Nigeria.

Create elegant Designs

  1. Create beautiful and elegant sketches of T-shirt designs

There are some many designs out there to copy from to make your T-shirts but it’s advisable you create your own T-shirt designs as it will make your products original that stands out from that of your competitors.

To create original T-shirt designs, you can engage the services of a competent graphic artist in your area or simply go online and download any T-Shirt Designer App from Google play store to your device.

Branding of your T-shirt

  1. Branding of your T-shirt

Branding of your T-shirt printing business simply means making it look different from the ones being produced by other T-shirt makers out there in the market. To make your products look different, you add label or logo to your T-Shirts.


  1. Marketing/Advertising

To remain relevant in T-shirts printing business in Nigeria, you will need to put in place good marketing strategies.

The important marketing strategies for your T-shirts printing business should involve the use of online/offline advertisement medium to promote your T-shirts so as to reach large number of users.

For online marketing and advertisement, you create a special website ( online store) to sell your T-shirts and at the same time use social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, WhatsApp and many others to drive sales.

Also, you can drive sale using offline method of advertising such as Newspapers advert, Billboard, Fliers and posters etc.


I believe from the above article you have now known that, T-shirt printing business in Nigeria is certainly one business opportunity that can continuously generate income for both the employed and the unemployed in the country.

The next step that is required of you is, TAKE ACTION.

Stay Blessed.

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  1. Musa Musa January 12, 2021

    Am at the verge of starting something like this – trying to get all facts and everything necessary together. Thank you so much for this post. It’s indeed very informative.

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