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5 Critical Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are you aware of these five critical social media marketing mistakes? If not, then your efforts might simply go down the drain. Invest some time to read this blog for valuable insights.


Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing.”

          Chris Brogan, American author

The aforementioned quote is perhaps something that describes the impact and functionality of social media in marketing.  As a matter of fact, 73% of marketers believe social media marketing has been “somewhat effective” and “very effective” for their business. This indicates that domain of marketing will focus on social media application in the near future as well.

So, if you are planning to embrace social media marketing tactics for your incorporation, then you cannot afford to goof up with any of the strategies down the road. No matter whether you run an online architecture dissertation forum or an E-commerce website, if you disappoint the social media crowd, you are going nowhere.

For example, failing to target the ideal group of audience or sharing sensitive content across different platforms might ruin your brand image to a great extent.

How about paying heed to these five critical social media marketing mistakes and acquiring remedial knowledge about the same? Here you go!

        1.      Excessive promotions; insufficient marketing

There is a fine line between promotion and marketing. Promotion is what let you inform others about a newly launched product. On the other hand, to market the product, you should talk about its features and give your audience enough reasons to buy it. If you end up constantly promoting a product with pushy sales line over the social media sites, then the chances are that your target consumers will eventually get bored of it. This is the reason why you need to market your product or services instead of merely boasting about its existence.

Actionable Points:

   Ø  Maintain a 1:4 ratio of product promotion and value-driven content marketing.

   Ø  Analyze and determine the social media channels that are ideal for your marketing endeavors.

  Ø  Analyze market competition with advanced tools such as Social Blade, Sprout Social and Buzz Sumo. This will help you get the hang of the industry trends for better implementation of social media marketing strategies.

Ø  Once you are done analyzing the competitive market, it’s time to measure your results via digitized platforms such as Mixpanel, CrazyEgg and Crowdbooster.

So, take note of the key actionable points as mentioned above and put your best foot forward to make your social media marketing strategies count.

     2.      Not acknowledging negative comments from consumers

This is one of the gravest mistakes marketers end up committing on social media. It goes without saying that negative comments on products and services are part and parcel of every business. However, there’s no point fearing its consequence. Everyone is afraid that negative comments on social media will spoil their reputation for good. This, as a result, prompts marketers to ignore all negative comments instead of acknowledging them. And, this is where they go wrong.

Actionable Points:

Ø  You should prioritize keeping track of clients’ feedback on a regular basis. You can consider using digitized feedback management tools such as Qualtrics, Feedbackify and TrustPilot.

Ø  The moment any negative feedback pops up on your portal, prioritize paying heed to it, look into the concern and revert with an acknowledgement mail.

Ø  Take note of the loopholes pointed out by the customers and work on the concerns to eliminate all pain points once and for all.

Remember, negative feedbacks are actually blessings in disguise. Every one should rate my paper like Criticisms from customers will help you identify the problem, thus, paving way for product developments and potential improvements in services.

       3.      Misguiding clients with spammy links

Posting spammy links to ensure maximum click-through rates is a big No-No. Throwing random links on social media for the sake of cheap sales promotion can prove to be a major turn-off for your clients. Moreover, posting spammy links are often associated with the practice of misguiding customers. Either ways, this will go against business ethics. As a result, you will only lose clients in the long run instead of retaining them.

Actionable Points:

   Ø  Refrain from broadcasting irrelevant information on your social media accounts.

   Ø  Engage in real conversations and talk directly about the product.

  Ø  Avoid coming up with pushy promotional content in your links. Remember, social media isn’t another advertising tool.

If at all you wish to generate links and send them across different social media channels, then share those links on your Facebook Timeline or Instagram Stories. Buzzing your prospective clients via personal messages might not work. They might discard such links and report against them.

      4.      Failing to update social media contents on a regular basis

Simply setting up a social media page for business and leaving it unattended will not work for you down the road. No social media page runs on its own. You got to put forth a lot of effort in updating its content regularly, tracking and determining their progress and the likes. If you ignore or fail to monitor your social media contentdissertation help service, then securing the coveted return on investment will be difficult.

Actionable Points:

   Ø  You should be clear on your social media marketing goals.

   Ø  Analyze your data by exporting each social media platform’s analytics directly from the site.

   Ø  Build a social media content calendar. It will serve as a hub for everything you will post, survey and target.

  Ø  Post or distribute your content based on time, location and audience activity.

  Ø  You may also repurpose social media content and schedule it across various platforms accordingly.

You social media content updation strategy must be implemented after acquiring collective knowledge of various aspects from different people within your company.


   5.      Gauging the wrong Key Performance Indicators

Monitoring Key Performance Indicators or KPIs is one crucial step towards determining the maximum social media exposure for your business. If you fail to gauge such metrics and end up dealing with the wrong figure, then thing will simply go haywire for your organization.

Actionable Points:

Ø  Gauge your performance metrics based on the following factors:

®    How often do you find people talking about your brand?

®    How often prospective clients engage with your brand or services?

®    What is the overall impact of market competition and brand values on your business?

®    What is the rate of engagement In terms of new product launch?

Ø  Use effective tools such as Salesforce, Simple KPI and Moz to track Key Performance Indicators for your business.

Social media KPIs help brands analyze and understand how well their advertising campaigns are performing across different platforms.  So, take note of the suggestions as mentioned above, and never miss out on securing what’s best for your firm.


To Wrap Up

I feel safe to assume that this blog will give you an insight into the nitty-gritty details of the steps to be embraced for the perfect social media exposure of your brand. Prior to signing off, I would like to revisit some of the essential remedial pointers to keep social media marketing mistakes at bay.

®    Maintain a balance between value-driven content marketing and promotion.

®    Acknowledge all negative comment from clients. Try to learn from your mistakes, instead of ignoring them.

®    Refrain from sharing irrelevant and spammy links.

®    Create, track and develop social media content on a regular basis.

®    Make it a point to gauge your Key Performance Indicators.


Author Bio: Peter Clarke is a digital marketer and blogger from Glasgow, United Kingdom. Apart from that, he is associated with the online essay writing assignment helper  at, dedicated to providing marketing assignment help. During his time of leisure,you may find himenjoying weekend road trips with friends and family.


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