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Warning: 10 mistakes to avoid when choosing a tax advisor

When you are running a business, it becomes highly important to take care of your financial statements and dealings. A crucial part of that is ensuring that you pay the taxes that you owe to the State. A failure to do that can lead to legal problems for your business.

10 mistakes to avoid when choosing a tax advisor

You should avoid such problems by preparing for the tax filing in advance. Tax is certainly something that no one knows the details of unless you are a financial advisor. It is quite complicated to understand and requires a lot of research, time and effort.
You should therefore hire a tax consultancy firm so that you can focus on other areas of your business. Be careful when choosing them. To help you, here are 10 mistakes you should avoid when trying to hire someone to help you out with the taxes of the business.

1)     Hire Someone Who Isn’t a Fiduciary

A fiduciary is someone who is required to put your interests above their own. That’s actually a state requirement. Though, there are some advisors that only act as a fiduciary on some occasions. You need to find someone that is fiduciary at all times! You can ensure that by asking the advisor you wish to hire to take a fiduciary oath. The advisor that does take the oath without hesitating is someone you should hire.

2)     Hiring Someone with No Certificates

Financial advising is something serious. No one can claim to be an expert on financial planning and tax planning without a proper certificate backing that statement up. That is why you need to look for advisors that possess the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification. That certification is only given to college graduates that have passed an incredibly hard test. Hiring one with this qualification is going to ensure that you get an expert financial planner on your side.

3)     Hiring Someone for Just the Tax Season

There’s a certain period of time in each year where all businesses do their tax filing. While having an advisor for that time is crucial, it is important for you to think long term as well. Any tax advisor Croydon that you hire needs to be aware of all the changes that are happening in the tax law. Accordingly, you can prepare a feasible business tax strategy with the advisor that is beneficial for you.

4)     Not finding Someone Who Is Willing to Be Assertive

Whenever you are looking for someone to advise you on your tax business strategy, make sure that you find someone can be assertive when it comes to tax saving measures. The most professional advisors are going to provide you with effective ways to lower the tax you have to pay to the government.

5)     Hiring Someone Who Uses Illegal Ways

Many corporations today rely on advisors that can come up with any sort of illegal way and loophole so that they can lower the amount of tax they have to pay. They do this in order to retain most of the profit. That is actually bad and you should always look for an advisor that comes up with legal ways to cut down taxes. You can discuss this with an advisor before you hire them and look at past references to see if they use legal methods or not.

6)     Hiring Someone Who Doesn’t Have the Right Tools

There are many financial and tax planners out there and not all of them use the right resources, equipment and tools to do their financial planning. You need to make sure that whoever you hire is using accurate tools which will help give an accurate picture of your financials.

7)     Not Checking Their Reputation

A great way to know if you can trust a financial planning firm or a tax planner is to see what their reputation is like. If they happen to have a bad one, then that means they don’t always employ legal or effective ways to do the tax planning.

8)     Not Doing Tax Research Yourself

You shouldn’t blindly trust everything the advisor is telling you! Some of them answers could not always fit with your business model. That is why you need to have some tax knowledge yourself so that you can come up with a better tax planning strategy along with the help of the advisor.

9)     Neglecting Tax Obligations

Once you hire a tax planner, that doesn’t mean you are supposed to forget to pay all your tax obligations. You need to be aware of all the taxes that you owe to the State, regardless of whether you are being informed or not. Tax payment and filing isn’t something you should avoid or delay because that is illegal.

10)  Not Having a Contract

It is of the utmost significance that you have a legally binding contract with the advisor on the deal you two have because otherwise there might be problems in the future.

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