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Video: Doctor pulls Live Leech out of Farmer’s Nose after it lived in him for Two Weeks

A Chinese farmer has had a live leech removed from his nose after suffering from repeated nosebleeds, according to a hospital.The blood-sucking worm had lived inside the 57-year-old for about two weeks when a medic pulled out the wiggling creature from him with tweezers.

The patient allegedly felt underwhelmed and complained that the leech was ‘too small’ after it had been yanked out.

The man’s doctor believed the parasite had got into his nose after he drank contaminated water in the mountains.

Leeches can suck up to five times their body weight in blood, but they don’t grow very quickly in size.

The operation took place at a hospital in Pu’er in southern China’s Yunnan province according to Chinese video news outlet Pear.

Footage shows the leech, measuring three centimetres (1.1 inches) long, squirming around when a doctor plucked it out of the unidentified farmer.

The patient appeared to be unfazed by the bloodsucker and even said ‘it is too small’ to the medic.

He also claimed that he had seen many leeches which were ‘much bigger’ than the one extracted from him.

The man’s doctor noted the man had consumed filthy water while farming in the wild about two weeks earlier. He then started to experience recurrent nosebleeds.