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Father-of-30 Children who became an overnight Millionaire after Finding 2 huge Gemstones worth $3.35m, has found another Stone worth $2million

The Tanzanian miner and father-of-30 children who became an overnight multi millionaire after digging up 2 huge chunks of one of the world’s rarest gemstones worth $3.35million, has found the third multi-million-dollar lump of Tanzanite.According to reports, the 3rd stone weighs 6 kilograms and has an estimated value of $2million (£1.5million ).

It was gathered that, the miner identified as Saniniu Laizer found Tanzanite, which has a deep violet-blue colour, near his home in northern Tanzania.

Mr Lazer urged his fellow small-scale miners to work with the Tanzanian government, stating that his experience was a good example.“Selling to the government means there are no shortcuts… they are transparent,” he said in his remarks at a ceremony in the northern Mirerani mine.

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