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My Pap Making Business Story – Must Read

Talking about the word “entrepreneurship” is very big thing, not not as easy that you will type it out of your device. It comes with a lot of tasks and sacrifice.

Let me talk about Ogi (Pap) today. Pap is very common food in Africa, especially Nigeria. In many homes it’s served as breakfast, due to that it’s very easy to prepare.

Mum started it many years ago, but she does it in small quantity though. When I joined her in the business in 2017, there’s already a huge bit of comfort, because we ground with an electric engine, which saves money (Fuel, Oil, servicing).

It is a kind of business, that you must have your markets, and it’s lucrative. With little as N10,000-15,000. You can start the business.

Due to the large quantity we do produce, I spend roughly about 7-8 hours grinding.

…. about 1 hour to sieve. I own a grinding machine and it’s an added advantage. After sieving off the chaff it can be recreated into cash, because of its widespread use in poultry and diary farming. A 100Kg bag goes for like 6-7,000 naira.

You soak the grains( maize and Guinea corn) in water for about 3-4 days to get the right texture for the grinding process.

If you’re a youth and you’re complaining of no work, you can take this up and keep yourself busy, if you can afford. My mum helps in selling after I have finished the production.

There’s nothing too small to start, I’m looking forward in exporting pap one day, whereby I will have dehydrator and other necessary machines and equipments.It’s never a thing of shame to hype your hustle, once it brings money and pays your bills.

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