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Twitter Users React as Kanye West Posts Pictures of New Yeezy Sunglasses… you will ”Halla’ Too

Lol you sef go halla!!! Kanye West has taken to Twitter to share pictures of his new Yeezy sunglasses. And immediately, the design of the eyewear created quite a buzz on the micro-blogging platform.Three images were consecutively shared from the rapper’s official Twitter account. A see-no-evil monkey emoji accompanied the first two photos while the last one was posted with a speak-no-evil monkey emoji.

With over 14,500 likes and more than 1,100 retweets, the sunglasses have captured netizens’ attention.

Check out their designs here:


— ye (@kanyewest) August 15, 2020

ting on twitter, one person said, “Me when I was 7 and put my mom’s headbands on my eyes and pretended to be cyclops from X-men”. Another individual wrote, “Boomerang glasses”.

“Cool,” read one comment on the post. “Cyclopes,” exclaimed a Twitter user. Somebody jokingly said, “Finally, the perfect hater shades. Blocks them out just right”.

Another individual inquired, “Headband?”. Many were confused as to how one actually sees through those glasses. “Can they see?” somebody asked.

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