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Dramatic Moment Woman With Coronavirus Was Caught And Dragged Off Beach (Photo)

A woman has been arrested on a Spanish beach after going surfing while she was suffering from coronavirus, Dailymail has reported.Police handcuffed her on La Zurriola beach in the northern city of San Sebastian.
She was held on suspicion of a crime of disobedience after reportedly ignoring officers who ordered her out of the water for several minutes before heading back to the shoreline.

Local reports said the unnamed woman had worked as a lifeguard at San Sebastian’s famous La Concha beach this summer and colleagues were the ones who phoned police after spotting her in the water.

Photos published by a local paper showed two people in hazmat suits escorting her on the sand in a neoprene top and bikini bottom with a face mask on.

She is expected to face a heavy fine for breaching strict quarantine rules which could be up to £5,500.

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