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How To Start A Profitable Granite Quarry Business In Nigeria

Apart from crude oil Nigeria is well endowed with over 40 different types of solid mineral resources such as Limestone, Granite , Silica Sand, Clay, Casseterite , Dolomite, Feldspar and Marble deposits scatted all over the six geopolitical zones of the country. =>>See Solid Minerals Deposits And Location In Nigeria.
But the unfortunate thing about these solid mineral deposits that could have generated huge revenue in foreign currency for the country have remain largely untapped, but the few that engage in extracting these solid minerals are mostly illegal miners and they make millions from it.

Are you an investor searching for a profitable solid minerals business in Nigeria? If yes then, continue reading because in this article you will take you through step by step on How To Start A Profitable Granite Quarry business In Nigeria.
The demand for Granite and other quarry products like sand, Mable and Limestone etc in the restate and road construction industry is enormous and this has made Quarry business in Nigeria a very profitable venture through which an investor can easily become a millionaire.


There are two entry-level when it comes to starting a profitable Granite Quarry business in Nigeria.
You either enter into Granite Quarry business as a middle man or own the quarry site yourself, depending on available finance or capital at your deposal.


To START QUARRY BUSINESS AS A MIDDLE you don’t need too much capital, all you need is first visit quarry sites, know how much they sell Granite, Limestone, Silica sand, Marble per ton, buy and afterwards sell the quarry products to building contractors and road construction companies in your location and make huge profit in return.


TO START AS A QUARRY BUSINESS SITE OWNER, you need a lot of finance because Quarry business is capital intensive, with about N6 – N15 million you can setup a small scale quarry site in Nigeria. The amount stated above covers the cost of machinery/equipment, quarry site acquisition, obtaining government permits and the running cost.
How To Start A Profitable Granite Quarry Business In Nigeria.

Note: To own a quarry business, you can buy an existing quarry site and save yourself the stress involved in establishing a new business.


Before setting up your quarry business in Nigeria, it’s advisable you carry out a comprehensive feasibility studies to determine the viability of the business and if found variable, then you go ward to write a business plan on how to go about starting it easily.


Quarry sites are usually located in rocky areas where you have abundant of solid minerals like Granite. But I advice you hire a qualified surveyor and geologist to help get a suitable location for your Quarry business setup.
Also, I will advice you setup your quarry business close to your target market, it’s very important for the quarry business to succeed.
Note: Sitting your quarry far from it source of raw material and target market increases your cost of doing business and this will ultimately reduces profitability.
After choosing a suitable location for the quarry site, the next thing is to buy or lease the needed land, build necessary structures that will protect your machinery/equipment and serve as office space.



To do business legally in Nigeria, it’s compulsory you register your Business with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC). >> Read about how to get your Business registered in Nigeria with CAC.
Also, you will need to get Quarry operating permit from the Federal ministry of solid minerals in Abuja before you can legally operate a quarry site in Nigeria, get permission from relevant agencies that overseas such business activities in the where your Quarry site is located and please don’t forget to the consent of the host community where you want to setup your quarry business it’s very important too. >> See Permit/Licence Application Guidelines from Federal ministry of solid minerals website 


Granite Quarry operations requires the use of heavy machineries/equipment to extract, transport and to crush large rocks into small bits.
Below is the list of machineries/equipment to be purchased for a Granite Quarry business setup.
Granite crusher
Pay loader
Dump trucks
Way bridge.
Like I said earlier, Quarry business setup in Nigeria is capital intensive. So to cut down on the initial cost of setup, you may choose the option of hiring of some of the equipment needed instead of buying them.
How To Start A Profitable Granite Quarry Business In Nigeria.


The next thing to do after acquiring all the needed quarry machinery/equipment is to employ machine operators, laborers, drivers and administrative staff that will assist in the effective day to day running of the Granite quarry site.


Creating public awareness for your Granite quarry business in Nigeria is the needed key to making profit. Therefore, it’s a must that you reach out to prospective customers who haven’t heard about your business.
You can visit or write an introduction letter to building contractors and construction companies in your location telling them about your Quarry business, who knows you can lucky to become one of their major supplier of Granite.


Having gone through this article about How To Start A Profitable Granite Quarry Business In Nigeria, I believe you will take necessary action that will make your desire to generate regular income in millions a reality.

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